You get laid 8 times a week you don't need technology


YAY season 3 of the funniest shit on the web
and it’s only getting better


Hmm I think I’ll get all of his vids…


Yeah ItsJustSomeRandomGuy always does funny stuff. His Disney/Marvel parody still cracks me up! :rofl:



How is it that I have never seen these before? These are amazing!


Yeah he’s great
Iron Monger: "Hi i’m a Marvel"
Joker:"And i’m THE JOKER"
Iron Monger: “Well can’t argue with that logic” :rofl:


Gibson and Glover
Tucker and Chan
meet the new duo


I want a DP figure just like his.
[spoiler=]He doesn’t speak Rawshark talk though, but overall nice![/spoiler]


^Fixed your tag. :smile:


Woops sorry about that ^_^;
Speaking of which, when in holy hell will there be another blog?!