"You Goin' To Jail Nah!" : Cleveland Bus Driver Uppercuts Woman



Apparently the bus driver didn’t believe the woman didn’t have enough money to pay her bus fare which led to an argument. The woman then pushed the driver as he is operating the bus which then leaves him to give her the most brutal uppercut I have ever seen. The bus driver is now suspended and the woman didn’t want to press charges.



delete someone beat me to it


You were beaten by days, even.


i know i said that…



You would think people should learn by now…in 2012 no less.


What was the point of this? :coffee:


That gif is the best thing I’ve seen all day.


Great .gif.

Nobody uses the search function in a forum, though, it’s not just SRK.


Uppercuts thread



Screw that. The other thread doesn’t have a video I can watch from work. Mad props to the OP for providing a video I can watch. Now I know what happened and that shit made my day. :smiley:


lol fuck worldstar, DAT YOUTUBE

no seriously though whoever voted yes is a pussy. She deserved the uppercut, the toss off the bus, the chokeslam, all of that and then some. She gonna get stabbed actin like that and I hope that shit goes on youtube too.

And don’t even come at me with “she’s a female” because she isn’t. She just straight up is not.


this thread sucks the other one is better



Seriously, I like how the bus driver put it: “I don’t care if she’s a female. You gonna act like a man, I’ll treat you like a man!”


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why couldn’t it have been that bus driver that beat you.


i can’t vote. here’s why.
i think yes he shoulda hit her.
but not with an uppercut.
i woulda preferred the classic pimp bitch slap backhand.
if he had…i’d say he woulda got suspended but not fired. the metro bus org woulda waited till all this shitstorm woulda passed then put him back on the job in 6 months-1year.
but since it was that manliest of manly uppercuts…yeah. tragic he’s gonna get fired.

if it was me i woulda calmly stopped the bus, gotten off. smoked a cig. bought a newspaper, then sit on some steps till the crowd on the bus would get massively pissed at me for refusing to go on any further. i would then proceed to tell everyone that i’d be glad to continue my services but only after that mob of riders would turn unruly on that hoodrat’s dumbass.
ie, THEY kick her ass off the bus by any means neccessary.
after she gets linched by said mob.
then i’d get on my bus and drive em all to their destined stops with a paul mooney’fied wayne brady smile.

thank you and good night everyone.


that .gif is godlike…

but if peeps take the time to search stuff first they might miss the chance of posting something first…