You Gotta Problem With Me, Bub? Wolverine Thread

Ok so I’m revamping the thread. Someone threatened to take it away…don’t think so Guile’D!!!

Color Alts
Character Art
[media=youtube]Sbewzn4MG10"[/media]GO GO POWER RANGERS!!!


:snka: - Weak Attack
:snkb: - Medium Attack
:snkc: - Strong Attack
:e: - Exchange
:snka::snka: - Any 2 attack buttons
(Air) - Also can be done in air
(OTG) - Move hits prone opponents

Command Normals:
Slide (OTG): :df: :snka:/:snkb:/:snkc:


The question is one Wolverine or two.

I just hope he’s voiced by Cathal Dodd again.

It’s probably Steve Blum. He’s voicing Logan in all of his appearances now.

one… if yer gunna have two, ya might as well substitute the bone claw for his son daken or his girl clone(kinda) X23

That’s what I was thinking. Probably will shoot for most/all of the current Marvel VA just like they did in the 90s.

i hope he’s worth playing this time around.

lets Go, BUB!!

Just one Wolverine only. It makes no sense to include a second one this time.

Bring back Marvel vs SF wolverine!

My first thought when I heard about MvC3… please let him be voiced by Cathal.

God no. Steven Blum is the better choice. It’s like Kevin Conroy with batman, it’s hard to imagine a Logan not voiced by Blum.

I agree, Daken would be cool, especially with all his exposure in Dark Reign

Plus, he has his own powers aswell(like his pheromones) so he’d also would play differently.

I don’t think you could really work pheromones into a fighting game moveset. He’d probably called the second coming of bone-claw Wolverine.

It wouldn’t be hard to do.

Plus, Daken does has his middle claw bonded with the mystical muramasa blade.

He looked a little weird in the clip, but hopefully he’ll look better in gameplay

needs his healing factor in the game.

he was ugly as sin in the trailer and the mvc2 re-release art, whats up with giving him skrull/thanos chin?

blum is alright…but cathal dodd is the best wolverine voice