You guys have to check this out!

Look up keoma on youtube. He is a Brazilian player, I’m not to sure if he’s well known outside of Brazil. But this guy can play, his Abel is nasty.

Also there’s tons of tech posted on his youtube channel that are completely new to me. Setups, safe jumps, unblockables and some awesome double option selects. Here is his youtube channel name “keoma pacheco”

If you guys know any other good Abel players that aren’t to well know share that shit we the rest of us!

I saw some of his matches, man does that dude think fast.
Could you post the setup videos? Can’t find em.

I post on these forums from my Phone but ill see if i can get on my computer and post the link to his channel. But if I cant then try searching on youtube keoma Abel and look for his first to 3 set against tokido you can click on his channel from there

I found his channel but no setups

He is one of the best abels for me, he definitely has the best use of cs.hp as an antiair, inhuman reflexes.

TimTim there is plenty of setups in there quite a few unblockables/safe jumps vs some of the more awkward fights for Abel. He seems quite solid abuses neutral jumps a bit too much but like others have said his reactions are awsome.