You guys hear all of these people complaning about UMVC3?

Most of my friends are pretty pissed off that Capcom is relasing another version of MVC3 so soon. They think it’s a rip-off and Capcom are quote on quote “Greedy mother fuckers”. Even people on fourms complain about it. Do they not see they are getting a deal here? 12 chars, re-balance, New stages and new moves for each char is not enough? For $40 bucks at that?

Are you guys seeing this complaining everywhere as well?

Come on dude this flamebait has been done to death already.

As much as people complain, the game is still coming out and I personally, will be buying it. I feel I got my moneys worth with MvC3, and their tears won’t effect how I play UMvC3, or my decision to buy it.

That’s how I look at it. :stuck_out_tongue:

This discussion has been done to death. Enough.