You guys will love this, I stripped the screws in my P360

I just bought a new joystick from arcade shock, and found the the spring in the Perfect 360 was way to heavy, so I took it off and replaced it. Then after some reading, I decided that the actuator was too big and needed to be sanded down to make the diagonals better. Then, after about the 4th time I took it off and put it back on, one whole side of the directions wouldn’t register. So i took it off and put it back on again, and then the other side wouldn’t register. So I determined that the optical sensors were out of alignment, because the screws were too loose. So I tightend the screws down hard, and it still wouldn’t register half the directions. So I took it off the mounting plate, but now the screws won’t come out of the casing. Not with an electric screwdriver or anything. They just spin, and stay where they are. So I’m inserting a competition stick, because the P360 was sucked anyways, but I need to know what to do with the +5 line. Just tape the end so that it doesn’t make contact?

pretty much. you don’t need +5 for a comp stick.

The P360 spring will loosen up after playing with it for a good while.

Still my favorite stick.

Sounds like my Ex. :rofl:

Hi Oh! ^^

Hello everyone, I’m doing the same thing: MAS with p360 -> competition joystick. I’ve done some research, but I’m very dense :sweat:…so I just want to make certain I’m doing the wiring right.

(1) I connect the ground to one switch’s “com” prong and then connect the com prongs in series. Ground->comA->comB->comC->comD
(2) Connect the “up” terminal to the “up” switch’s “NO” prong, and repeat with the other 3 directions and switches.
(3) Just leave the VCC +5 volt wire open? I feel a little uneasy about this part. Should I atleast tape the end with electrical tape or something?

I apologize if this has been addressed in another thread but the forum search tool was malfunctioning today. Thanks! :smile:

make the corrections of led.

I’m not exactly sure what Kowal is trying to say, but the LEDs in a p360 seem to work like this:

1 down
2 up
3 right
4 left
5 upleft, up, upright
6 downleft, down, downright
7 upleft, left, downleft
8 upright, right, downright

I’m going clockwise starting around “U” in “UDLR” and ending around “0” in “360.”

Anyway, to add to my question…

Since there is not a lot of wire on my MAS, it’s going to be tough putting in a new stick. Should I get a breadboard? That way I could just cut the wires around half way, allowing me to reinstall the p360 at a later date without a whole lot of trouble. I don’t know if this is the best method or if there is a cheaper/better one.