You Have 2 Hours To Reach Skybox on 06/11/2005 (CvS2, MvC2)

I was curious to know who’d pull it together after respective late MvC2 and after prom party stuff.

MARVEL VS CAPCOM 2 (8 Entrants)
1st - Gerjay
2nd - DaflipmastaXV
3rd - Cammy_Rulz
4th - Mystic God
5th - Nagata Lock II
5th - Fobhunter
7th - WB!
7th - RPGv2

CAPCOM VS SNK 2 (10 Entrants)
1st - Gerjay
2nd - RPGv2
3rd - Yoh!
4th - Nagata Lock II
5th - WB!
5th - Fobhunter
7th - Majin Ryu
7th - DaflipmastaXV
9th - Psychochronic
9th - Cammy_Rulz

GG’s to everyone. Not a bad showing for crazy short notice. :tup:

Grand Finals, Set2, tied 2-2, deciding game. Rey picks random A Groove. We don’t call him Random Rey for nothing I guess.

Almost scamming Justin and nearly giving him a heart attack was worth price of admission.

In CvS1, Justin doing Kim’s super while I was half screen away and making it go backwards was totally wacky. Justin getting owned a few times by Vice’s air sleeve thingy was jokes.

Battles in CvS1 taking about half an hour or more cause the game is so freaking slow. Wish the time limit was like that on the CvS2 machine, geez.

Getting hammered so bad in MvC2 by Gerjay that I was forced to run away and get DQ’d in losers is something I’d rather forget. :xeye:

Fun time. Good to see Vanny and Rey showing. Props to Tom for doing so well today.

timer’s my friend :D, GG today. My trip to the washroom and my way home with jaime was an adventure.
I didnt notice that my watch broke down, and it read 4:00 when it was actually 8:00. I was like wow, first time a tourney firsted in 3hrs.
Gerjay, i hate u… i wanted to play rey.

GG’s everyone :tup:

Tom; saying Hello to the Security Guard was jokes :smile:

wow tom got 3rd… good shieeet man lol =D

I won winners against Gerjay 3-1
Gerjay won losers against ramy 3-1
Gerjay won grand 3-2, 3-1.