You have already pre-ordered- Hokuto Musou coming soon to US and Europe!

Europe are getting the game on Sept. 30th, no exact date for US besides Fall 2010 so expect it at least a few weeks after the EU release.

Here’re some vids to get you fellas hyped ;3
^Heart gameplay

[media=youtube]kdrn6_7v_Tc&fmt=22]YouTube - Fist of the North Star Ken’s Rage E3 2010 Debut Trailer [HD[/media]
English trailer for the game :cool:



EDIT: For those that missed it, Mamiya’s DAT ASS :cool:
Also Mamiya’s alt outfit-

I still can’t believe that the US doesn’t have an exact date yet. I might just have to import it if there is more than one month separating the UK and NA release dates.

Hmm has it listed that it’ll be out on Oct. 26th- Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage: Playstation 3: Video Games

It’s just a month apart, you can handle the wait ;3

looks awesome

It looks like they took dynasty warriors and made it fist to face fighting >>

That’s because it IS.

hmmm…i might buy the game then, i do LOVE the DW series…but anyone know if their is going to be a decent amount of customization? If there is plenty of it, then im sold ^^