You have my adapter, I WANT IT BACK!

So after the POWNZ tournament last week someone took my PS2 - PS3 adapter. It’s a square adapter with a PS button on the side. It looks like this:

Whoever took my adapter left this adapter left this one behind:

I’m kindly asking that whoever accidentally took it, get in contact with me. The adapter was only in use at the SFIV stations so it narrows the search down pretty quickly.

Not that it needs to be re-itterated but I bend over backwards for this community as it is and I think it’d be a pretty big slap in my face to have someone steal a piece of my gear that I donated to help the community out. If it was an accident then whatever, shit happens.

This is the list of all 32 players in the POWNZ tournament. The ones in bold have been ruled out already due to either being X-BOX users, not owning any console, or because they were ruled out after checking which adapters they took.

1st - Gerjay (Dhalsim/Rufus)
2nd - Noodleman (Sagat/Gouken)
3rd - Blitzman (Rufus)
4th - Jay Wang (Balrog)
5th - WB! (Chun Li)
5th - CQ (Balrog)
7th - Kymah (Gen)
7th - YellowS4 (Zangief/Ryu)
9th - Nagata Lock II (Chun Li/Vega)
9th - Wilson (Bison/Blanka)

9th - Poke Guy (Bison/Blanka)
9th - JS Master (Chun Li/Sagat/Blanka)
13th - RXS (Bison)
13th - DioBrando (Bison)
13th - Mtran66 (Bison)
13th - DaflipmastaXV (Sagat)
17th - EX Matt
17th - JED07

17th - TDeneka
17th - Magus
17th - Jiggabry
17th - DaDesiCanadian
17th - Albedo
17th - Dice01
25th - Anubis32
25th - Amordian

25th - Pain
25th - Mr. Canuck
25th - Billy Dee
25th - Angel Of Rage
25th - Hisham

25th - Berg

Good luck finding your adapter man.

Have you thought about adding a *bring your own shit *rule for the next tourneys?

We typically enforce a Bring Your Own Controller rule. However, we play on PS3 exclusively so we can’t expect everyone to have controllers/sticks. Theft within local tournaments has never really been an issue before. Again, for all I know it was an accident so it’s not a big deal.

Ah, good to hear it’s not a common thing. :slight_smile:

Adapters are a tricky thing to lend for a tournament. They’re small, and someone can potentially leave with the wrong one (hopefully it’s the case here), or just steal one rather easily.

I think I remember it being on the furthest (from the entrance) SFIV station.

And it being attached to Mtran or Noodle’s stick when I was playing DioBrando in the first round. That is basically all I remember about it.

i think mtrann has 2 that are exactly the same, but he tapes the two of them together.

Mike was ruled out. He was nice enough to check for me and he has his InPin adapter.

Jason has his TAC adapter.

ahhh i’m not bolded, and i clearly checked with you… but anyways i rechecked the other day just in case and no i don’t have your converter…

Can’t believe after of all the scumbag jokes these days, theres actual scum out there.

Who ever stole it is a stinkin pussy.

I can vouch for Albedo as he brought a USB stick. Goodluck finding your adapter hopefully it was just a case of someone mistaking your adapter for theirs.

Thanks for the help.

My bad Vince. I corrected the original post.

is yours an inpin?

I have 2 and they look exactly the same as the one in your picture.

I compared the one I brought home to the one I had at home and they are identical, so that is my basis that it’s mine. I also kept a close eye on my adapter the entire night when it was unplugged from my stick.


also, Wilson didn’t bring/take any gear, we shared my one stick (my other stick was still broken).

Better watch out.

Justin will find you, eventually.

Yeah it’s the same adapter. As I said, I ruled you out because you don’t have the adapter that was left behind. I’m very much of the belief that someone just grabbed the wrong one. I mean come on, didn’t anyone notice their Sumoto was missing when they got home? It’s pretty cut and dry stuff guys.

Matt / Blitzman brought his own Hori FS3 (ps3 stick) so I doubt he took your adapter by accident. Same goes for Hisham. But you better double check with them to make sure.

I’ve also re-checked my backpack and grocery bags to make sure they are empty.

I hope you find your adapter.

Ugh ok so my name is not bolded :S

Justin I have a ps3 adapter but I paid noddleman $15 the day of and I remember you even looking at it , briefly, but you did take a quick look in the back room where Marvel was and I even remember someone even yelled out “found it” right after

Yeah, I just rechecked my bag and everything. I brought my own Hori FS3, and it was at the HD station (along with Jay Wangs) for probably the whole tourney.

i jo0k’ed that shiet while i was collecting money from ian and eric at lovegety on friday night.

witness : Lun

I double checked to make sure that I took back my adapter with me, and it’s mine for sure since it was the only one that was labeled.

I don’t have it. I don’t even own a stick or anything. Been using what was available and borrowing Magus’s stuff.