You just got your ass kicked... how do you feel?

You post on SRK, so you KNOW you’re the greatest, right? You beat some people at some casual games of your fighter of choice (non-tournament) and you’re like “Get the next chump up here,” then the unthinkable happens…

You get your ass kicked

I’m not talking about losing to someone who’s better than you, I’m talkin about getting your ass whooped so bad, someone who was watching hands your ass back to you and says “That’s yours.”

How do you feel?

Happens with my brother occasionally in 3rd Strike. He’s a parry machine, to the point that I no longer use Dudley, as he’s rendered normal and ex machine guns USELESS regardless when I spring them on him.

It’s not a good feeling. Going down six in a row, when you KNOW you’re more than competent at the game is disheartening. But at the same time, it inspires you to go back and improve certain strategies and throw out others alltogether. It’s the way of the fighting gamer.

I don’t like it, nobody does, but I do like the learning that comes from getting destroyed by a much better player.

PS I actually have ice-skated uphill. One time in the mountains it snowed a lot, and then immediately after there was a freezing rain all night, and then in the morning the sun was super bright, so basically it resulted in thick frozen ice all over the place. It was fun actually skating uphill, but pretty dangerous going back down hehe.

Depends on what kinda player the guy was. Usually I try to learn what I could/could’ve done diffrent or changed n stuff like that.

i dont lose"-alex

Everyone is bound to lose to someone better. It’s only a matter of time and when that happens you wanna learn more from that person. It happens to top players as well. Nothing better than a learning experience.

I put a poll up. I’ve felt all of these before, but now I guess I would be glad since its been so long since ive been whopped. I got beaten so badly when mvc2 came out that i wanted to erase everyone’s short-term memory of what they saw.

sounds like someone’s in the denial category :confused:

i am that one dude who plays against him repeatedly for like 20 matches straight before giving anyone else a chance

i get really stubborn when i start losing constantly in the sense that i want to keep playing until i learn something that’s not “i suck”

glad. i love getting my ass beat, comp is dope. thats how u get better and learn.

determined to win the next one


If I get beat I don’t try and brood around on the losses.I will admit that the other guy is better and then just hope that I get stronger.

I’ll usually give props to the guy that kicked my ass unless he does something real unclassy.

like a million buxoooorrrzzzzz

Everybody loses from time to time. It happens, deal with it. Like all things in life, in gaming you have to be able to handle losing before you can start winning.

Being frustrated or upset over a loss, accomplishes nothing, and is counterproductive towards IMPROVING your game.

The only guys I see getting pissed and whining when they lose, are noobs who don’t know how to handle taking a loss.

yeah depends on the player. But rather good or not I never enjoy losing to some faggot scrub Chun/Ken/Yun when I USED to play 3S.

At the moment I dont mind too much losing at XI or NGBC to a friend of mine who is def. good at both titles

seriously, if there was no one better, what would you want to play for?

honestly, im glad there is always someone better, another plateau/detail to analyze, etc.

as wierd as it sounds, a loss where you learn something is more fun than an empty win.

I agree. When a noob steps up to the machine, and i KNOW he has no real idea of what to do, I kinda feel bad beating him.

It is a shallow win and just feels empty. I’d rather play a formidable opponent and lose, at least then I was challenged and might have learned something from it.

I just got my ass kicked? In a game I can play? Damn, I’m getting another 50 cents. Sit the fuck down, we’re playing until I win. =D

I only lost one fight…afterwards i was like ummmm yea imma just let him have this win becuase he tried to cut another nigga with a broken bottle and i’m to lazy to watch my own back so i’ll just let this slide.then like 2 years later he stabs someone in the neck…i said see that could have been me.