You just know SRK is going in the right direction when

they have to put up forum topics on the front page and call them articles

seriously competitive play part 1 the controller?

I was going to apply for a writing position, but backed down because I was afraid of how the community would respond to my articles.

I’m not averse to criticism, but DAMN people here get angry fast ;_; I’d rather not incite rage with everything I write. Quality > Trolling for Pageviews.

(Not that I’m saying the writers do that, just expressing my own personal feelings)

timing of such article could be better like the release of a game or pre tournament? I don’t play SF anymore so I didn’t read it, but Red Rick is a good writer.

At least some thought has gone into this, it’s better than posting cosplay

It’s not that bad an article. It’s not deep or anything, but it’s informative on the control options people have and at what price ranges. Frankly it’s a good primer. With so many shitty articles on the front page I find it really odd you decide to bitch about this one OP.

I’d rather a front page article than trying to explain it in the Newbie Saikyo Dojo every three days.

You just know SRK is going in the right direction when…

We have to make stupid threads to cry about every little thing. At this point people are just looking for reasons to bitch. What about that article has so deeply offended you? AND you pick one of the few useful articles to bitch about? Seriously…

Yeah man shit was so much more cash back in your days.

2009 Stand Up

Yo Quattro Bajeena:

It’s actually not that bad of an article. Better than what most of frontpage SRK has.

Yeah damn those 09’ers. Oh wait…

Fuck it, damn all 09’ers.
I’ll troll myself to make a point[/details]

RedRick has come along way imo. That nigga used to be a wad of bubble gum, but after posting in GD for a few weeks he was carved out of wood.