You knew it was coming...MD/VA FRXI PREP THREAD!

K…so I’ve been looking up some flights and I’ve found some deals for nonstop flights for like 220 dollars both ways from BWI. If anyone can find anything better lemme know but this looks good. (The info should already be put in, you just need to hit search).

For the past couple big events we haven’t really done anything like this and I figure it’s good to do this to at least get this shit running through people’s heads. I know there’s probably a few people (myself included) who haven’t even asked for time off for FRXI yet. Let’s get this crackin.

Also, I already am in a room (or should be) with Yeah Dood and some of the other more Southern region players. I’m random like that. Yet…if for some reason that doesn’t work out we definitely need to figure out a room situation. ShinBlanka says he’s still looking for people to buy up rooms so one of us might as well get on it. I just wanna get this started up early so we’re not…well not all of us will be scrambling for last minute shit the week before.

I posted it in the 3s thread but here it is again.

already reserved a room and everything. Its full or gg players though. I only reserved for Friday-Sunday, so if anyone needs a place sunday and I have people leaving then by all means come on in. Thing is, there is potentially 9 of us so someone else in the scene needs to reserve another room. From what I understand Eli and Havoc are getting there own rooms. so…
Poeple I know are going that talked to me about rooms
Myself, Steve, Kenji, Sharaz, Justin, and Noel.
People that talked to me about rooms but arnt 100% going
Mulligan, Seph

I asked on here to see what people are doing about rooms but the only reply I got was Havoc saying that he will have his own room. So if anyone wants to try and figure something out then I will help, but I dont think I can reserve anymore rooms. From what I see, if Seph and Mulligan are both coming then there will be 2 rooms between us and then whatever amount of rooms for you guys.

So from what I gather DJ and PVP are going to FR 100%. I assume BBHood, Khang, and bith ericks want to go. I know that Ken isnt too sure, but probably not.

Also, all our plane tickets are already taken care of. GET ON DAT SHIZ

actually i havent got anything in stone. i havent even looked at prices for plane tickets.

Yeah…I’m trying to figure stuff out now. Unfortunately I brought this up kinda late to my boss so I may not be able to leave early Friday morning like I wanted to. At least with none of the non stop flights listed. Hopefully something else comes up or someone else finds something.

:stuck_out_tongue: i got family in ATL, so flying AND getting a room wouldnt really be worth, i figure 3-0Done will drive down to save money, and fly back one way.

joe-o, Shinshay, you guys goin?

K…not getting a room anymore. Got da hook up. :lol:

Still need to figure out the plane situation too. I’ve been checking online but the few 200 dollar flights I saw are gone now. Really don’t want to have to spend near 300 for a flight but it’s better than staying home.