You know they're good when

Sometimes, when I play an unknown opponent, they do a move that makes me think “Ok, this guy is good”. This thread is for posting what that move is:

Ryu: When they cancel into an air tatsu after the third jumping strong, I know they’re good.

Ryu: knock you out of the air with a backwards moving in air hurricane
Ryu: hit guiles flash kick with a crossup style air hurricane, repeatedly
Guile: cross you up into a 6-7 hit super flash kick combo (marsgatti2009)

When you lose to them.

Your being too nice dude lol, but thanks.

Ken: cr.:lk:, cr.:lk: XX Super
Guile: Jumps back :hp: after a sonic boom. (vs. Honda)
Chun-Li: Does Kikkoken into Super and spams out Lightning Legs after it’s blocked. (slutty!)

honda: hhs xx ochio
blanka: jump lk, xx hop, xx hop, rinse, wash, repeat.
guile: any combo into super
rog: charging two TAPs, combo rush into super
chun: perfects a round without throwing
gief: any ToD
sim: keeps you more than half the screen away the entire match (vs non-fireball chars)
hawk: combos hawk dive into dp, super right after whiffed dp
fei: beats honda
dj: xup mk, cr.lp, xup mk, cr.lp x2, xup mk, cr.lp, etc. also wins without throwing
cammy: beats honda, any combo into super
bison: ToD

god, does there ALWAYS have to be a smartass in every thread on SRK?

Definitely after i headstomp(Dic) them, they jump and try to hit me out the air.
Most average people just stand there after the initial Headstomping.

Ryu’s that back up a step and throw a fireball at the beginning of the match.
That stops so much stuff when i use Rog or Dic.

Idk…There’s a certain confidence with above average and master level players that you kind of just notice instantly. Its from hours upon hours of repititions.
Practice really does make perfect.

Its rare to see excellence online in HDr because so many people are still new.

I don’t define a good player by how their execution is nor by their ability to pull of combos or fancy moves.

They jump in with a meaty mp on get up and combo cr.lp*2>stand. lp> super with Boxer. (and happen to have placed first @ EVO 2009 HDR).

Just canceling crouching HK into hadoken is enough to make me sweat. I hate that shit so much.

ken’s that double dragon punch always make me go “Yowza!”

I agree with Shari on this.

Given that Dictator can move just about anywhere after a Headstomp, jumping immediately isn’t the best strategy. Now…if they jump and either air-throw you or hit you (only because they don’t have an air-throw) because they see after about half-a-second that you weren’t doing the follow-up Skull Diver, then you know you’re messing with somebody. Bonus points if they actually make you whiff the Skull Diver and combo you. :slight_smile:

When they attempt to reversal a tick instead of trying to jump out / mashing HHS/elec/legs

Heh, well, Shari is one of the more prominent ones. I’m sure I’m not the only person who almost expects him to contribute comments like that.

Me, I know the other guy is good when he does either of the following:

[]E.Honda behind-the back roundhouse in the corner after the bear hug
]Special grabs Boxer out of his dashing punch (SPD, ochio, etc.)
[]Guile combo that ends with standing strong -> flash kick
]Consistently performs the “juice kick” tatsu
[]Blanka forward hop into vertical ball
]Chun-Li low forward -> super

Dictator: Performs reversal Headstomps/DR’s to build meter for super to get out of certain situations.

You know they’re good when they bait/predict and punish all your moves.

you know they’re good when their name begins with afrolegends or calipower

  1. They seem to know exactly what you’re going to do and they punish you for it.

  2. You have no clue what the hell they’re going to do next, and they punish you for it.