You know what's gone missing? Blood n sweat... or, Operation "Clean Sweep"

Yup, recently after playing Super Turbo and watching some vids it hit me: blood and sweat are nowadays 100% missing from fighting games.

And I’m not talking Mortal Kombat: Even Street Fighter had it’s small spplotches, just enough to emphasise stuff. I loaded up #Reload, then Accent Core. #Reload was actually quite a bit bloody, but Accent Core has been sanitized. For some Eddie stuff, they even colored what was once red Black, e.g. throw. Just like BlazBlue.

I checked further, it’s almost everywhere. Samurai Showdown, last version, no matter what you are told of the reasons: clean. Fatal Fury: clean. Street Fighter 4 at least uses aesthetic Ink, which is nice. King of Fighters: Choi, don’t come in, you won’t like this.

Now, I am not a blood and gore freak in any sense but this struck me as somewhat… strange? I mean, it was simply a little touch to make things look more visceral and instead we get something that looks like something from 4kids: oh no, swords, we can’t have blood with swords!! Naruto and OnePiece run in Japanese public TV and actually are pretty violent, but when dealing with fighting games you suddenly do the big “Clean Sweep”.

I once heard the Japanese government is behind that but when looking at Japanese TV, I can hardly fathom that.

So, anybody got a good clue as to why the things have evolved in the way they are now?


The latest Samsho, which is also a 3D fighter to boot, had blood and fatalities, at least at the end of fighters. That one is getting a US port next year as well, but it’s not looking like it’s anything special.

Also gotta remember that the series coming out so far have traditionally not been bloody. UM has same blood that 98 has. SC has never had blood.

That said, I think the reason for the change is that people don’t care about it much.

Blitzkampf PC version was pretty bloody at times, but some moves have new silly effects replacing the blood in the arcade version.

I had definitely noticed this about street fighter…When I told Moose about it he swore up and down that I was crazy and that Street Fighter never had any blood in it. I think Street Fighter also took out what looked like I guess…vomit? When characters got hit with hard hitting stuff some times. Guile’s Forward fierce use to smack people hard and have a small bit of blood come out of people at times along with Ken and Ryu’s close Fierce.

Yep, SF definitely had vomiting. In this era of high res, realistic graphics, I’m not really sad that these games don’t include that little detail anymore.

i thought they removed blood in AC because of all the other shiny effects they were adding so it wouldn’t get confusing or whatever? :confused:

I hate your name.


I remember good threads here in FGD. 8 years ago. Good times.

What? Good threads? You have to tell me about this one, I’ve heard of not such thing.

the blood in Guilty Gear AC was removed because during the year it was made japan had some national thing going on where blood couldn’t be portrayed in anything…something like that…i forget what this national observation is called.

i preffer the new effect (the little red shining orbs) instead of the blood in gg, looks more cool, the blood is for mk :3

I’m no “gore over gameplay” like a lot of people who actually like the shitty MK franchise seem to be, but Tekken’s always bothered me back in the day, and now even moreso with the particle effects introduced in Soul Calibur (sparks from weapon impacts). Namco’s apparently shooting for graphic realism, so why do they still have those retarded-looking orange clouds representing blood (no matter what part of the body is stuck) when they can use their particle engine to show sprays/flying drops of blood from slashes, facial impacts, and blows to the chest/stomach that cause knockdowns, and use sparks and such for non-facial impacts (sweeps, crouching kicks/punches, side/back blows)? And if they can show stuff like Jin’s hoodie dropping from his face after a knockdown, why no battle damage to character models/costumes?