You Know You Play Too Much Street Fighter When

You see the path of Hurricane Irene online and you instantly think of this.

When you make stupid ass threads like this…and think it’s funny and original.


Damn I am happy SRK is back online. hahah.

Did Irene KO SRK or something?

Obviously, because your opinion dictates EVERYONES thoughts. Sorry Master Buzzkillington. Lets see your work. Please show me, I want to criticize how terrible it is.

Keep up with being a douche, you’re pretty good at it. I hope you play fighter games as good as you are being a total asshole. <3

Why do people still make these dumb ass threads?

U do realize u posted in the wrong section, then tried to start a flamewar with one of our veterans? Not a good start, amigo

“I made you a dumbass thread!”
“Oh boy what flavor is it?”
“Dumbass thread flavor”

All these new people are so FUCKING annoying. How do you think this is funny?

Where…in my response…did I imply that I was speaking for everyone?


I don’t give care if he’s a veteran or not. Does that suddenly give him the right to be an asshole? People just could of told me I posted it in the wrong section or let it be deleted or just have the thread die.

I can’t see the pic

Plus, I see another thread about how to parry that shyt…

PS, this is srk, welcome you bitch

PPS, I like his insult better

this is the internet
this is srk
every person here is an asshole and there isn’t anything any one of us can do about it

But at the risk of you making a new one.

I could even see the image you posted, but I like your AV so welcome to SRK. Read the forum rules and you will enjoy yourself here much more.

Dexter’s Lab was such a great show.

I wanna see Val vs RC in a lumberjack match to determine who closes this thread. They would each get to choose 5 posters from GD to be at ringside.

No DQs

I hope this include log rolling, axe throwing, and all the other crazy lumberjack shenanigans.

I appreciate this kind of response. Thanks man :china:


At least u ain’t rocking an Akuma avatar