You know you spend too much time Modding

So back long ago when I first created an account on SRK there was this thread.

It was a great thread where we shared various antidotes and shit
I an bring it back, but instead of Necro a dead thread

I am going to start a fresh new thread

So okay I will start:

[] First thing you do with new electronics is void the warranty
] When you got enough spare parts to build another stick or three
[] When your boss sends you home for your soldering iron and it isn’t apart of your job (for reference I used to work in a grocery store)
] When you look at some of the Indestructible or Hack-a-day articles and say “with confidence” I did that when I was eight years old.
[] When most of your friends retro game consoles has been repaired or modded by you
] You know what electronics are Dishwasher safe - LINK

You know you spend too much time modding when you can barely move your arms because of Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy and still find a way to use an arcade stick.

When you see things in a big box store or IKEA and say “I could make this into an arcade stick”

When you forget what your stick looked like when you first bought it.

When you learn CAD just to design your own arcade stick shell.

When you start cannibalizing old electronics you no longer need for resistors.

When you discover that most electronic failures can be repaired by replacing capacitors.

When you buy blank cases and busted sticks because “I will make a new stick outta this!”

When you learn EAGLE to design your own PCB’s. (Thanks @“Missing Person” now i gotta learn CAD lol)

When you dedicate part of your desk room to a soldering station.

When you are compelled to buy materials and build an entire stick for the sake of using up a single spare part.

This could only be a typo but I feel as though there might be an inside joke here.

When you have various buttons lying around at home and you’re at some store looking at a low-profile box thinking “hey, I don’t have a button-box setup, but this would work perfectly for that!”

When you realize you suck at the game you modded the stick for in the first place :frowning:

Do you mean Instructables instead of Indestructible?

Freudian slip

When you go to Windows > Run and joy.cpl is already in the text box

When you have more sticks then first place finshes at local ranbats.

When you give parts away to the scene because you don’t want to see them anymore.

…when you see an obscure pad or stick and you open it up because you want to see the guts.

When you can tell some of the internet tech experts (You Tube and such) are wrong on an arcade project.

Did you agree to mod a stick and found roaches living inside or found a dead mouse in a PC case?

This haunts me every time I get a stick to fix :fearful:

When you own more arcade sticks than video games… because you sold your old games to make more sticks
When every time you walk past an arcade machine, you touch the controls just to confirm what parts they used and the condition…

I only found dead bugs in a stick once, and the mouse was not me personally but it was with a friend I was visiting and we found a dead mouse in a PC that belonged to one of his clients.
We ended up soaking the critter in WD40 to get it up and to get rid of most of the stain, and OMG did it stunk. I think he ended up paying me for the help which he added to the PC repair bill (I was on the invoice as ‘outside specialist’) along with a Extremely dirty PC cleaning fee. For most shops, under reasons why a computer rejected for service the check boxes include excessive filth and Infestation.

Worst case I heard of is a active wasp nest in a tower, the shop manager refused the case and took the case outside when he saw wasps leaving the fan vents.
The customer did not get his PC serviced and he was presented with a bill for an exterminator.

What I do now is I have a excessive filth fee if applies.