You know your modding obsession has gotten out of control when

you find sanwa buttons in your pocket you forgot were there.

(True story happened yesterday)

Anyone else?

When you own the ‘I void warranties’ shirt (not yet, but when I get a spare buck…)
When the headset/chatpad jack on the 4716 is no longer a nuisance, but a promising opportunity.
When you go to a tournament for the business, not the comp.


you know your modding obsession has gotten out of control when

you create a thread about how your modding obsession has gotten out of control.

joking of course.

everyone thinks you’re a pervert because all you do is talk about how loose or stiff the joystick feels (I used to work in a place where everyone had very dirty minds).

  • You see one new part released from Sanwa/Seimitsu and go “OMG buy” before even knowing what the eff you’ll use it for.

  • You now consider collecting dustwashers as a hobby.

Doesn’t have a silly amount of pretty dustwashers and balltops lying around…honest

*You spend more time on Tech Talk than actually playing FGs.
*You could recreate slagcoin’s site if it ever went down… from memory.
*You can name more than 10 joystick models in 30 seconds.

*You consider Markman and Toodles celebrities.
*You call into work because the parts you have been waiting for finally arrive.
*You have a Sega Astro City panel hanging from a wall in your house. (rtdzign is’nt the only one lol)
*You turn down sex because you are busy soldering.

*you perfectly understand the next line.


*always on booru sites for artwork

When you become markman.

Nearly every piece of gaming-related electronics you own is missing screws.

*you’ve read every post in this thread and said “Yup”.

When you have sucked a dick for a Sanwa Flash1.:amazed:

jk,… it was a Ascii Optical

This thread made my day. Some non-exaggerated examples…

Your copy of SSFIV is shrinkwrapped because you can’t be bothered.
You have a mirror of Slagcoin saved locally because it would hurt your soul for it to go missing.

You save pictures of MarkMan and Toodles (and jdm) when they post them. Just in case, you know, they show up at your house.
You stay up soldering until 5 AM and go in to work at 8.

You have a hard time locating a piece of electronics you own that you haven’t opened.

When you constantly have to buy new soldering tips, because they always corrode for the fact that you can’t be bother by unplugging your iron. Because you just never know when you might need it, and its such a hassle waiting for it to heat.


You have enough parts to build three sticks from scratch, but don’t because you never know when you’ll need some spare parts.

You go to tourneys to try to outshine the other modders at modding, as opposed to outshining the other gamers at gaming.

At said tourneys, seeing gummowned or jdm714 is like seeing Justin Wong or Daigo.

An IT class full of people who build computers wants to hire you to show them how to solder properly for their class.

You’ve dual modded a stick for a meal.

Tech Talk is the only forum you post in. (The rest aren’t worth reading, anyways).

One day you wake up to find that you’ve slept with 8 white OBSN 30’s beside your pillow.

You mod sticks for more parts.

When you see a new controller you don’t think about using it but taking it apart.


Did that.

That too.

And these.

Artwork. Uh. Right. >.>

… did it.


Yu… shit.

Actually, the only reason I even owned SSFIV as long as I did was purely for testing.

Guilty on both.

All of these. ^^;

… are you people in my head or something? o_O

Here’s some of my own:

– Your first thought when you see a new stick or pad is “is it common ground?”
– You look around Wal-Mart constantly for crazy shit to make a stick out of.
– Whenever someone sends you an IM, you automatically assume they want some work done.
– If that last person was a previous customer, you’re hoping nothing went wrong with their stick.
– You always have a set of hex drivers in your pocket. You know, just in case.
– Chad at Lizardlick knows your first name, though you’ve never met him.
– When you stop looking at name-branded sticks as sticks, but instead as “empty cases.”
– The lady at Ace Hardware hands you a sheet of paper and a pencil when you walk in, because she knows you’re going to need it.
– You know how to jerry rig the inside of a switch when it stops making contact.
– You reactively reach for the flux when when your grandmother mentions her brittle joints.
– When someone shows up to a gathering with a new custom, you ignore the top and flip it over to look inside.
– Everyone thinks you’re a devil worshiper because you always talk non-stop about Imps and Cthulhu.
– You’ve actually considered replacing your doorbell with an OBSF-30.
– You always mentally append “Godlike” with “
– You’re offered a line of credit at Digikey.
– Falling asleep while soldering doesn’t upset you.

yeah using sanwa buttons for stuff other than joysticks, that crossed my mind many times before :slight_smile: