You know your modding obsession has gotten out of control when

i forgot all about this :3

also you contemplate making your own keyboard out of PS-14-DNK’s

I was thinking about that before, but damn that’d be more expensive than a Topre switch keyboard :frowning:

You worry that your new born baby will keep you away from TTT…I’ll know in about a month.

Your dining table, computer desk, garage, closet, coffee table are all covered or contain some stick modding related shit.

How about these to add.

You sit your 4 month old daughter in your lap and explain to her exactly what you are doing as you rip a stick apart.(because you believe she secretly understands)

You are constantly thinking about what combinations of translucent pushbuttons and leds you can place in a custom for your daughter to play with.


Before she was born you were already picturing a little custom for her when she turned 3 or 4.

lol !!!

That’s a little annoying. All of us know that anytime a slight breeze went across your porch you would think someone was at the door.

PS-14’s, I would consider though.


Guilty on so many counts:

And that’s not even all of it =/

Edit: Thought of more.

You keep a DualStrike SMD in your pocket so you’re always ready for a dual mod.

You’ve padhacked a fightpad faster than the customer could open up their PS3 TE that they’re installing it in.


Put a stick on it.

In jdm we trust.

Lamp360, Lampii, LampStation3.

I keep turning my dead ones into keyrings X3

Now that there’s more to this thread. I’m nodding going “done that. And that, and that and that.”

She doesn’t need a mouth to tell me how cute she is.

jdm <3

I’m so doing that!

  • Any time… ANY time you go into a store with possibilities for disco’d sticks, you will look… even if you were just at that WalMart 3 days prior.

And one step further, if for some reason you forgot to mention it, as your wife grabs the last thing on her list, she says “Ok, time to check sticks.” And i…erm… you say “Oh thanks for reminding me!”

I was working on my next stick outside and I swear to god the gardeners stole one of my red PS-14-KN’s… still cant find it… so annoyed… you know its bad when you start blaming random people around you for taking components… but I KNOW they took my button… bastard gardeners…

Well, shit, I’m thinking about it now…

  • When you have never actually modded a stick because every time you are settled on how to start said mod, you think of a better one and have to replan.

You own more than two TE sticks. Simple as that ;_;

Dinner table? OH. Right. I’m supposed to eat dinner on that?

(Mine needs sanded and refinished for all the carnage knives, solder, toolboxes and my general laziness have caused it.


… you don’t view consoles as gaming systems, but as lamp decorations for your living room.

hahahaha so true.