You Know You're Fighting A Noob When

Decided to make this for fun.

  • He ragequits after losing the first round… in a best of 5 set

  • He spams lariat over and over again on Zangief

  • When they continuously jump into your shoryukens

  • When they think Ryu’s Heavy Hurricane Kick is EVER a good idea. Seriously that shit sucks.

  • When they fail to do anything of value to you after they’ve gotten you to that stunned unable-to-do-anything state.

  • When they rely on heavy turtling to make up for the fact that they don’t know how to fight worth squat (seriously, throw them a few times, and they’ll break down, it’s hilarious XD)

  • When they pick up the game for the first time and the only character they can win with is Yun (had to throw that one in)

  • When they rely on a heavy uppercut from wakeup (it never ends well)

  • When they fail to backdash after a blocked attack, knowing that the opponent is a grab whore.

  • When they forget to use an air counter when the enemy jumps at them (unless the enemy uses a move that negates that)

-When they backdash away from a forward-moving ultra during a focus attack, knowing they’re going to get hit anyway.

Would anyone like to add something to this? =P

Bad topic or worst topic?

you know youre fighting a noob when…

he jumps on srk and starts calling people “Noob’s”

Their screen name is ‘AmishOpiate.’

Heh, pretty stupid they would add an apostrophe to a plural word XP

You know you’re fighting a noob when…
your opponent spams shoryukens with Ken.

You know you’re a fighting game noob when…

you get hit with said shoryukens and fail to punish dat bitch.

Love your sig XD

Moving this to fighting game discussion, though this will probably not end well.

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When you’re playing any Capcom fighter.

When you use “XD”.

This is supposed to follow along the lines of “You might be a redneck” It’s not meant to be taken seriously, it’s just for laughs.

Then you failed right there…:coffee:

why they moved this thread to FGD, this section is not for shitty threads :confused:

…lulz. What did you just hop here from online FPS or sumthin?

I tried FPS. Besides my computer not being good enough to run it well yet, it lacks a certain… finale finish to it. SSF4 does that very well, it’s why I’m trying to become competitive in it.

You know you’re dealing with a noob when you’ve hit them only once, let go of the controlls, and you win by time running out because the poor fool doesn’t know how to deal with auto-block (Tekken3)