You know you're playing against a n00b if

he has to walk backwards for 2 secs before throwing a sonic boom…

feel free to add more…

He has his character’s name in his handle.

(Sorry couldn’t resist!)

Picks Ken and spams the jab SRK. I don’t blame 'em though because this strat can be effective.

they have no idea what to do next after 5 jab SRKs in a row fails for the 4th time.

Step forward, crouch, fierce.

Laughs all around…

And my personal favorite, jump back X 2, fireball, jump forward (get hit out of the air) then jump back X 2…

play as akuma and loose.

Jump forward HK into crouching HK with shotos constantly is a favorite of mine.

Complaining about tick throwing is another :lol:

Edit: Saying you don’t deal with “tick throws” or play against certain characters on ranked as you justification for dropping. LOVE that one.

Waiiiiiit a minute. My screen name is SRK_BOXER!!! I’m no noob!!!

Aniken, YuuVega, OtoChun and Muteki Guile are all noobs(!)

Hmm, something noobs do? Pick Akuma or E.Honda out of frustration if they can’t beat you (Honda is cheap, spamming hundred hand slap is autowin!)

I love when a noob online attempts to counter pick shotos with honda. :rofl:

try playing with bison and this happens all day

they lose to hundred hand slap only (cammy’s a noob)

… It’s true… :sad:

if they have srk in there name… ooo sizzle

You forgot KomodaBlanka!

Oh I know, I play fei.

Hey, I counter pick Shotos with Honda!

Oh wait, I counter pick everyone with Honda, LOL.

Nice catch; completely forgot.

One thing I hate more than a scrubby Akuma is a scrubby evasive Akuma. Jump back air fireball :confused:

Another one is blatant turbo spam. I think that’s pretty safe to say because the good players tend to have a bit more pride and respect for how the game was intended to be played rather than use it. There have been at least 2 players online who I beat regularly, who have both invited me to a lobby one day (usually I join theirs, beat them and they quit), and played a hell of a lot better. I presume they went out and got a turbo control and though they’d invite me to test it out.

Annoying link combos because they are not good enough to do anything else. I hate cr.jab x3, jump back.

Rage quit after the first round. A seasoned rage quitter knows that if there is a chance to win, you wait until the final hit of the last round.

Rage quitting player matches. Because any form of losing, even when it doesn’t count, is a dark stain on your street fighter soul.

Picking your own character to teach you a lesson, followed by Boxer, then Akuma, after losing.

You know when you’re trying to do a :qcf::p: against someone better than you, but you panic, and instead of a hadouken you get a bizarre mix of crouching, walking forward, and erratic punches?