You Laugh, You Lose (a.k.a. Funny Pics Thread)


Post em up!



I sat there looking at it for awhile, then I cracked up hard.



Image Thread

(You Lose)


Low blow


Looks like your box might be full?


Nope I have 50 more.


I think I just tripped into /b/


What skin is that you are using? I just checked all the prem skins and somehow didn’t see anything that looks like that :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Nevermind its SRK Black. No Premium version? Looks like maybe I don’t get ad’s anyways with this, so i’ll just roll with it.


Yep, and I had no idea. Man, SRK has EVERYTHING. :rofl:


your momma’s. they were so beat up and stretched out I’m at her house right now cosplaying a burrito. Later on she’s gonna wrap me in them and we’re gonna re-enact the scene with the bat people from Beast Master.


I know you love them white women, but seriously. My mom is way to skinny for you, plus she gave birth to 4 children. You sure you wanna recreate anything beyond driving miss daisy with her? Maybe you should think before you throw up outa yo mouf :wink: :nunchuck:

your face.