You mad bro? Say goodbye to cheap gamers

Microsoft is currently testing this shit.

What do you mean “Say goodbye to cheap gamers?”

Cool article tho. Can’t wait for that to trickle down.

yeah i’m not entirely sure what OP meant either

Remember when Blockbuster got raped by Netflix? The same shit is about to happen to DVD-R. No more going to Gamestop for a preowned copy Street Fighter. Using this new technology, Microsoft gonna make you pay full price from the marketplace forever!

Oh…ok. Pre-emptive panic.No worries then.

Never buy used games anyway, so this is irrelevant to me.

Suddenly digital distribution is going to become #1 because we have memory that is cheaper, faster, and more reliable?

Somehow I’m very skeptical about your claims, OP.

It could have something to do with the fact that digital distribution is currently hindered by shitty internet and not by a lack of cheap storage.

CLARIFICATION: I never buy used games if it’s something that’s readily available. Obviously if it’s discontinued or there’s no “new” copies available of a game that I want I’d buy it used.

Either way, all-digital distribution would cut out this availability issue for me, so it’s a non-issue either way. Gamestop’s been scamming people for too long anyway.

True, with only 24.1% of world population having access to the internet and only 4.8% having high speed internet, I agree with you 100%, but you to remember that digital distribution(iphone) is already killing the market.

Clearly, somebody has never seen the wacky Steam sales, especially those 75% offs…

Hahaha right? i scored the entire DOOM collection for like 10 bucks.

Clearly you havent seen Call of Duty 4 on the Xbox360 for 49.99. Get the same shit from Gamestop for 15 bucks new. MW2 is 59.99 on the Xbox.

That’s Activision’s price fixing for you. They dread sales. Fortunately, I have no interest in Modern Borefare (aware of all the scrubby noobtubers and exploits and limited map availability) so skipping all the CODs aren’t really a loss for me.

I ain’t even mad.

and who plays fps on a console lol

Hate to break it you but with the tech now they are already moving to digital distro only, no resales, and pay to play models for AAA titles.

You’re only choice will be not to buy those games down the road.

And digital distro is great, on the PC craps constantly on sale and or free. They get the money in other ways, but it’s better.

Sorry, bad example. Clearly, you havent seen the whole fucking xbox live marketplace. They charge you full price for everything on the marketplace no matter how old that shit is because Microsoft(Bill Gates) are greedy fucking bastards. How the fuck does a 99.9% failure rate console out sale Sony? WTF is wrong with the world!?

As opposed to EA who punishes used gamers and those who borrow from friends/family by adding on 10 bucks to something that shouldn’t be charged from day one. I play FPS on consoles for the convenience and ease of starting up a game with friends. YEs i can play on PC but some games on console do just fine.

either way it ain’t the point of the topic. I look forward to something better than flash memory.

They just had a fucking sale on XBLA. 99% failure rate? Shut the fuck up and stop spouting made up figures like it some how backs up your postion. It just makes you sound even more retarded then you already do you panicky whiny bitch.

Sadly Infernoman the topics not about a better alternative to Flash Memory either, which it should be.

I own both consoles. I’m not a Sony fanboy and you need to accept the truth. Don’t act like yo shit never had the RROD.

Mine hasn’t.

MS had the RROD but it was no where near 99% and they fixed it. Sony still has the YLOD issue and a higher drive death issue and those have not been completely fixed.

Look, consoles suck. They are all built like shit and they all use crap ass parts. If you want something that works properly pay out 3grand or so for a custom high end PC and use that. But if you’re using consoles failures are just part of the bargin, they are all low end garbage.

EDIT- never had an RROD and I own two 360s, have had two PS3s YLOD that I had to bake back to life because Sony won’t fix them for free that died a while later. Third PS3 hasn’t had any issues.