You made us proud Crack! And shoutouts to NorCal EVO2k9

NorCal was repping mad hard this year at EVO and more hype then any other region by far. I wanna give a special shoutout to Crackfiend aka Hello Brother because regardless of what the end results were, you made us proud, BROTHER.

More shoutouts;

To everyone else who made it out of the pools and beyond; GOOD F’N SHIT! I’m talking about LPN, Scun, Tanaka, Jack, Young Legend, Kaizer, Haunts, Pieguy, Haaris, Farid, Jerry my cousin from Fresno P, and of course John and Ricky.

Ryan aka Filipino Champ; you were hype as fuck the whole weekend and that shit was entertaining as hell: MONEY’S GOOD.

Nate aka FUDD, nice to meet you finally, you were hella chill.

Nima, i had fun talking shit with you about the other regions during Semi’s on Saturday.

Thrust, David, Andrew, Richard Ri, Jason, Denny, Joey, Jay, Miguel, Manole, Mike, and everybody else I met and chilled with, I had a great weekend because of ya’ll!

Hello brother.


TELL MY WHY I AM A SCRUB THO. Didnt know about TE sticks (dont own one) needing to be set on DP or else you get lag. PLAYED THE EVO WITH A LAGGING STICK. FUCCCCKKKK NO wonder my teleports werent coming out :frowning: Andry was using my stick for the final matches to get out of his pool and missed his ultra because of it. FUCK.

WHATEVs, next year I fittin’ to to fuck shit up. NORCAL LETS GO!

I agree that crack needs props, though no more in the form of liquor if we expect him to keep his liver for more than a couple months as that shiz was brutal. Excellent work to all!

Also heck yeah to Ramin taking out FubarDuck in the tourney, SBO quals say what biatch?

Fubarducks in SBO?:wtf:

<3 Crack, see you soon.

Yup Yup Crack you smashed that was dope! I also seen Ramin vs. Fubar good shyt to Ramin.

Thanks you guys. I appreciate the love from all the threads and all that. <3

Crack, you were awesome man.

Crack, that rally was dope beyond words.



sorry for the bad angle folks my arms were getting tired so all you probley see is butts and legs and i coulndt zoom out in time… next year ill upgrade!

I will not make fun of anthony on SRK anymore, only in person :mad:

Hella props to Anthony, you fucking held that shit down. And to the Norcal peeps screaming OCV that was fucking hype. That was love right there no homo.

HYPE = Hella Yelling People Excited