You May Be of Some Use to Me: The Dr Doom Team thread



Here in this thread we’ll discuss teams that can possibly be built around Dr Doom. This is not a thread for “THROW DOOM ROCKS ASSIST IN THERE HURR HURR” this is discussing building a team around Dr Doom. as in, assists that help him if you want to run him on point.

Looks like ammy’s cold star assist could benefit the good doctor, as we saw in that combo video. also since dantes jam session doesnt blast you away like capcoms corridor, it might be good to keep the opponent there and reset a combo, since i think doom could have some good rushdown. will have to test.


with a team of trish / dante / doom… what would be the better assist, rocks or missles?


I’m still working on my team shit, after watching some combo videos Dr. Doom reset pretty good


Can I get some thoughts on Dormammu/Storm/Doom as an extremely keep-a-way oriented team? They should be able to DHC out the ass for sure, and all of them have decent assists, but what do you think about the idea of having such a highly single minded team? Is there an issue without having as much versatility as other teams offer, or will synergy factor in to override the potential weaknesses in a slight inability to get in when needed? (save for Storm obviously)


Dormammu/doom/storm. Doesn’t sound too bad. Sounds like a decent setup. I’ve been using x23/doom/ironman and although this setups been doing well I feel like In the future it wont be as good.

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From my brief play of Doom, Doom’s very triangle jump oriented since he can’t dash > attack anymore. I’m thinking Deadpool’s Quick Work assist would work well here, and Doom can easily OTG to a combo.


Currently feeling Dr. Doom and Storm, I’m still trying to find a good third. Perhaps Sentinel? It’s not necessarily a zoning team, but definitely leaning towards one. I feel like Sentinel would be the strongest on point, but I have no idea, I really like Doom on point…


Team does not sound bad but the the entire team as a keep-away mindset might get you. You will easily get rushed down by the likes of Wolverines, Dante, X-23…etc Now if you can trap with Doom and Mamus assist that will definitely work. Just remember Heavy beat pixies, pixies beat projectiles, and projectiles keep heavies out.


I have been playing A LOT of Doom lately because of the way he played on MvC2 but since he cant trijump to attack anymore its leaving me vulnerable alot.


Think I’ll be settling on Dr. Doom / Storm / Sentinel, not sure if I like Storm or Magneto better though. I’ll have to play it out more. But I feel like either way it’s a very strong team. Storm is better at zoning than Magneto is, but Magneto’s rushdown is better (they’re essentially just slight variations of each other).

I’m pretty confident with Doom at the moment, so I need to work on my storm and sentinel, but I feel like the team will be very solid.


Right now I’m working with Doom/Trish/Deadpool as a Zoning Team. Still trying to figure out Victor’s Triangle Jump, but do you think I should use Deadpool’s Quick Work assist? Can Doom launch his opponent off of it?


Doom’s rock assist works very well with Hulk in my brief experience with the game thus far.

So a team of Hulk/XX/Doom perhaps?


I’ve been running Doom / Morrigan / Dormammu. It’s a fairly zone-heavy keepaway team, but Morrigan helps add some offense. It’s been fun to mess around with so far.


I’ve been using Doom/Sentinel/Tasky
While Tasky is a good zoner like Doom and Sent, he can be free for rush down with those two as his partners. Also, Tasky has anti-air arrows for an assist.


been doing trish on point, doom, sentinel

missle assist is really good, drone assist is good too - so far I think anyone with a projectile super will end up being really good vs. my team since they can punish your assist from fullscreen.

doom missles is great since they stay up forever and you can confirm them into trish’s fireball super or some kind of combo.


I’ve been rocking Wesker/DOOM/HULK…The team feels solid, but it seems like Wesker get’s more benefit out of it(As in Doom and Hulk as his assist’s) Probably go for Magento, instead of Wesker??? I like my team now, but it just seems a little of when, Hulk or DOOM dies. Wesker assist’s are not solid enough, unless is a combo. I’ll keep rocking them for a while and see how it turns out.


Same team as me, but with Morg/Doom/Dorm being my order. Morrigan can zone with the best of them too once you start getting her fireball flight cancel patterns down. Really cool team.


Been running doom/doormamu/haggar but I think i’m gonna change haggar in for wesker. having an assist that hits low really adds a lot to Doom’s box jump/attack dash cancel game.

and wesker can combo his supers off of almost any other super.


I was thinking like a Team Z remix type team Doom/Hsien-Ko/Tron. Instead of Juggs power up,we have hsien-ko power up,tron with the gustave fire assist or boulder bandit. Anything to get those golden showers off.


It seems several of us are pursuing similar ideas, just with a different heavy hitter. I’ve been using Haggar (Lariat)/Wesker (unsure on Assist)/Doom (Molecular Shield) lately, and trying Tron in Haggar’s place as well.

So far it has been working very well.