You may have thought I was crazy saying Beyonce was whitewashed but

Looks like they were thinking the same thing I was when I walk past a giant image of her in Target.

everybody wants to be a nigga but nobody wants to be a nigga.

She looks better white so i don’t see an issue here.

Why the fuck does this even matter.

I thought the same thing when I saw the cover of her last album. I didnt even think it was her at first, then I thought wow she’s trying her best to look swedish.

I like her blacker myself, dark skin is supposed to look good on dark skinned women. She’s a 10/10 either way

Fuck that man! She look fine as hell the way she was!

Nah maybe a 6, but not a 10. She is shaped like a little girl, not a women

Pretty sure this little thing called “lighting” is largely responsible for the pale look.

Everyone, regardless of their natural skin pigmentation, is going to look a hell of a lot paler when they have gigantic, 100-watt light-bulbs that will burn a hole through your cornea trained on them.

White is right!!

What? Are you talking about the same Beyonce I’m thinking of?

This Beyonce, right?


I can’t stand her daddy’s little girl bitch-ass, but I have to say that she looked her best when destiny’s child first came out. She was tall, nice, and thick.

I liked Destiny Child Era Beyonce and Pre Destiny Child Era Beyonce, not a fan of 2000 Beyonce and Solo Era Beyonce

my god…ive been playing Arkham City to much…damn skins…oh wait…

Her breasts are flap jacks. They sag like granny prunes. Not good enough./Shaft Agent

I’d do her in the butt…

lemme know when she opens an amusement park and buys a monkey

excuse you… i don’t care about that shit.

her legs suck


+1 to you sir. “Say My Name” Beyonce was when she was at her top tier-iest.

Same with “Dark Angel” Alba.

pours 40oz

Lighting can do that (photoshop as well), but…she was on that skin lightening shit when she did the video with Gaga.

First Amerie…now Beyonce. Which R&B chick is next.