You may not know

but although this is totally impractical it is pretty crazy.

charge up 3 times with ice on silver samurai.

then do the ice super (have cpu on all block)

have him jump over the opponent (so you must do this right next to yoru opponent and have silver samurai jump to the other side)

and he’ll do 50% block damage.

(try at multiple times from different sides if it doesn’t work)

i think this is a bug.

you can even do it with one level (it’s harder though)

if someone can master this , kudos man, it would be very useful. (but i can’t seem to get it to work)

i did it once, 50% lvl 1 , i’m sure… but i can’t do it anymore.


how do u charge it up 3 times??

ice super i’m pretty sure is down back light kick, you just keep doing it while you are in ice mode.

Another thing you may not know…

Activate the Ice mode, then use Amingo “Defense Up” assist. Now watch in amazement as he takes only about a half-inch worth of lifebar from a landed AHVB… :eek:

It may improve even further with multiple Ice, didn’t bother to check.

I know, I know… obscure & near useless, but kinda interesting nonetheless. :cool:

lol that is interesting, does it work with only one power up or 3?