"You must be logged in to do that" error on particular page of particular thread

I’m getting this error, mainly on the last few pages of the “New Mexico, ABQ” thread in Regional Matchmaking. I’m logged in, and if I try to post, it pops up a “you must be logged in to do that” error. Same for if I try to check the alerts or inbox drop-downs at the top. If I refresh or go to a different page, I am logged out. I’m on FF 4.0.1, deleted cookies and tried again; everything seems fine but the problem persists. I noticed nobody else has posted in that thread all day; wondering if anybody else is having trouble. Any info? Thanks.


Thank you for posting this. I have attempted this and I have encounter this issue (even when I am logged in). This was tested on FireFox 3.6 and IE 9.0. Also, I notice that when you press “Post Reply” it actually logs you out. Therefore. you gotta relog in to redo it. However, there seem to be a bug within that thread (forcing users to be logged out).

This bug is not specific to any thread. I’m getting logged out all over the place, as are other people.

Update: It seem to be that “Post Reply” is being buggy at the moment. I tested the “More Options” and then posted it. It seem to work.

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