You Must Defeat Sheng Long...(Ryu Changelog Thread)

Didn’t see one up, so I thought I’d help contribute since they’re now up (plus I faced a slew of shotos online today, so they’re on my brain…)

  • No Lag after dashing

  • Overhead punch can be cancelled

  • New Projectiles: Ren Hadoken (Rapid Fire a.k.a. Stutter-doken,) Baku Hadoken (explosive hadoken,) and the Hado Shoryuken (a Dragon Punch with a firebal…yes, just like Cyclops’ move.)

  • The name of Ryu’s power-up mode is Hado Kakusei

  • Shinkuu Hadoken can mash out.

  • Shinkuu Tatsu can mash out.

  • Minimum damage scaling on normal attacks have been increased.

I’m not seeing any downside to the Head Shoto in Ultimate. Thoughts?

i really like ryu in vanilla and the cancelable overhead and instant cancel in dash are great things, but… he still cant solo relaunch , doesnt have any otg to extend combo and he cant combo with Jodan decently in the far - mid screen ?
then he still is low tier - so much fun to play , but low tier

Hrmm he can combo off thrust kick far and mid screen even in the orginal. Ive posted many videos of it. Now if anything it will be even easier since he can cancel his dashs. Although this makes me wonder if because of this he no longer can do the tiger knee wave dash special moves to have no recovery on his moves. Kinda lame then. Said he has more damage buffer on his attacks as well. Maybe need to find new instant kill combos…

On a random note I forget if i mentioned it, when you have access to his shin shinkuu hadoken since that bounces off the walls I wonder if that lets you get some cool combos with HP dp, cancel to super fireball while you are in the air. Of course normally in most situations this missed before but maybe now this will hit more regularly . And even then maybe you can then land and combo after that with it hitting later. If thats the case then mid screen thrust kick to wave dash in, instead of doing the air combo like regular after words, combo to hurricane kick, link hp dp, to super whatever should be his most damaging combo then I think.

I think more importantly ryu gets 3 critical buffs, along with other benefits:

Wave Dash cancelable via normals: This makes landing midscreen wallbounce combos easier and might help in creating a universal combo to use it. As it is, the midscreen wallbounce sort of varies from character to character. And of course, if you screw up the wave dash you’ll end up whiffing the move (which is quite easy to do unfortunately).

Cancelable overhead - No more relying on X-Factor/specific assists to make this work. Ryu needed a standing overhead to help pressure opponents.

Minimum Damage Scaling Increased - His Vanilla version was at 0% past a certain number of hits. Anything above 0 helps so that no matter how many hits you get in, you’ll do damage. If anything, i find this one very critical.

As for everything else…they’re just gravy. I wonder how his other special moves will be incorporated into his playstyle though.

(“Good to see someone posted a thread for this. I was meaning to, but this forum seemed mostly dead and an official list wasn’t posted, so I didn’t see a point,” he said, hours after he meant to.)

Well, to be fair, dialupsucky, it’s rather difficult to find anything on this sub-forum. Not that the Ryu forum is the only one that’s ill-organized since unfortunately seems like at least half of the MvC3 sub-forums are like that, but…yeah. If you want to link or just point to whatever you’re talking about, then I’d be more than happy to watch since I wasn’t aware that he could even wave dash to how screwed up his (and Chris’s) dashes were/are in vanilla.

Not that I really have played around with the character nearly as much as Chris (or a lot of other characters, almost none of whom can even wavedash), but for some reason his changes look the most interesting, partly because Shin Tatsumaki Senpukyaku seems to be a reference to Pocket Fighter. Hado Kakusei/Denjin Mode seems to be quite interesting in general.

Speaking of which, since it’s cycled off the top already, here are the official changes that were posted on the front page:


  • Can act immediately after a dash.
  • Minimum damage scaling on normal attacks has been increased.
  • Collarbone Breaker can be canceled.
  • Added new moves “Ren Hadoken,” “Baku Hadoken,” “Hado Shoryuken.”
  • Added new move “Hado Kakusei.”
  • During Hado Kakusei, Shinku Hadoken becomes “Shin Hadoken,” and Shinku Tatsumaki Senpukyaku becomes “Shin Tatsumaki Senpukyaku.”
  • Additional hits can be added to Shinku Hadoken (all versions, including Shin Hadoken) through rapid buttons presses.
  • Additional hits can be added to Shinku Tatsumaki Senpukyaku (including Shin Tatsumaki Senpukyaku) through rapid buttons presses.

Those aren’t all the changes, but they look like they’re mostly buffs alongside the implicitly buffs caused by Akuma’s nerfs.

He still seems like he’s going to be a meter whore. Hell, he looks like he’ll be even more of a meter whore depending how worth it Hado Kakusei is considering it only lasts 6 seconds. I’d hate to see it relegated to something along the lines of “Golden Armor” Hsien-ko assist status. Although, depending on its recovery, I figure it should at least usable for making following up Joudan from anywhere on screen easier even if it will still cost a bar like how he “had” to essentially just use Shinkuu Hadoken sometimes just to hit in vanilla (though apparently that’s not the case).

Beyond that, they nerfed his regular damage a bit, probably because I think Hado Kakusei boosts the damage on everything he has, and there’s no indication that Joudan doesn’t still have abysmal recovery. (EDIT: Never mind the former. I think I misread it given jtrgmr’s post. I had forgotten about someone pointing out the 0% thing…somewhere on this sub-forum, especially since it’s never come up for me.)

On top of that, he probably can’t get away with chucking Hadokens against a lot of the new cast and even a lot of the old cast since most zoners have been buffed and, unlike Captain America (the other person who was buffed the most who actually deserved it alongside Ryu [and Chris]), he doesn’t really have any mobility or options to get past that beyond spending meter; Baku Hadoken, if it really is the charging one, doesn’t seem like it charges quick enough to be a valid option against most of those zoning options.

Finally, with the air dash nerf probably hitting Morrigan the hardest, Dark Harmonizer assist becomes a bit more costly/unwieldy to use even with UMvC3 (thankfully) toning down the meter built from…everything. Morrigan seems like she might need an assist to even move about safely (at least again some characters) come UMvC3. This means she’d end up being best second, which means that’s a more than decent chance she’ll have to be on the field at some point and it means her X-Factor would isn’t going to be as absurd at Level 2 than Level 3 among other things. Yes, I realize this isn’t really a nerf to Ryu, especially since none of the few prominent Ryus even used Morrigan’s assist (who did at the competitive level?), but given how meter hungry Ryu seems…; the first team I’m going to mess around with him on it is Ryu (Hadoken?)/Morrigan (Dark Harmonizer)/Doc Strange (Bolts of Balthakk), so that’s why it’s occurred to me and why I’m counting it…not that this matters to anyone else.

Unnecessarily lengthy reply almost finished, I think Ryu’s still probably going to be second fiddle to Akuma since even with the health and assist nerf, Gouki still got some buffs and his assist still acts like a stupid beam. However, at least he won’t be almost completely obviated by the Raging Demon even before Hado Kakusei (maybe) comes into play now, which is the most important thing. Becoming a second fiddle that can play quite differently is a needed improvement from being a second fiddle that plays almost exactly the same, especially when its inferior almost by addition.

We just have to see how much he can make of the options he got from not giving into the Satsui no Hadou.

Just randomly clicked on a few… Theres obviously more on my page shrug…

im sorry, but could you show me your videos ? if ryu really can combo without xf/assist far-mid screen after the thrust kick i really want to learn

hoo thanks ^^ gonna watch

(You really didn’t need to double post, especially 5 minutes apart.)

I had meant to watch these last night, but I got distracted by reading all of Fuan no Tane in one go before going to bed. So apologies and thanks. I’m watching them now:



His c.:m: has that much range? Never noticed, probably because I was focusing too much on :f:+:h: and how difficult it is tell when exactly he returns to neutral from Joudan, especially with the way the camera moves after an across the screen wall-bounce.


Never noticed how little damage Shin Shoryuken does either, though I suppose it makes for the deceptive start-up range it seems to have and the ability to follow it up, especially if you can launcher-jump cancel it like that.

So you can follow-up the upward Shinkuu Hadouken at point-blank range if they’re standing? I had kinda suspected but I hadn’t been able to do anything on my end for multiple reasons.


Ah, the same things work for aerial Shinkuu Hadouken. I was too busy focusing on the OTG one though since it seems like he can throw “infinite” Shinkuu Hadouken mid-air he wants. However, I hadn’t even guessed you could hit multiple Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku on a standing target in one combo aside from like just hitting with the aerial :l: into whatever basic thing.

Heh at all three of these being from way back in February.


Hmm…interesting video even though I’ll never ever use Akuma or Sentinel given how much I dislike both of them. So all this does is remind me that is how broken the TAC can be even though oddly almost never used it for anything other than She-hulk glitches in tournaments for some reason.

Makes me wonder if they’ve “fixed” the whiffing aspect of that or made its hit stun resetting far less lenient.

Thanks. I’ll keep it in mind and try to at least take a peek.

I must admit, however, that seeing all that renews my fears of both Hado Kakusei’s potential usefulness (or lack thereof) on point outside of extending combos if does have little recovery if he can already do all that and where, exactly, he’s practically supposed to get the meter both for that super and everything else you’ve shown off.

Why is this forum still dead? Ryus buffs look so incredible. This guy def has a spot on my team come UMVC3!

edit: been trying a bunch of combos by dialupsucky. Thank you man, really awesome stuff.

Ryu loses health in Denjin Mode.

(Sigh. Why am I even remotely surprised?)

More people aren’t posting because Ryu, even with his changes, is still Ryu. He’s never really been one to generate excitement because it’s pretty much always going to be there.

Wait, what? “Loses health” as in “takes more damage” or “lose health” as in “bleeds out like Dark Phoenix”.

The former seems like it might be reasonable depending on how buff Denjin Mode is. The latter is pretty damn stupid, especially when Devil Trigger regains health and was needlessly buffed and there are now two of them. Not that I would put the latter past Capcom, but still, even if it’s “just” losing red health and he doesn’t bleed out all that quickly, it seems completely unnecessary.

Regardless, when and where did you confirm this?

He bleeds out like Dark Phoenix. I played UMvC3 recently, I’ll upload the video soon.

Well this could be bad, if he loses health as fast as dark phoenix …At least D.P. had a way to mitigate it via healing field…and um she’s D.P…

He doesn’t lose too much health in Denjin, you wont really notice it tbh. Also, here is a small teaser ^__^, Ryu is awesome in UMvC3…

(Well, that’s good to hear. I still don’t see why it was necessary, though. At least yet.)

Hmmm…so his Tatsumaki recovers a lot faster in Hado Kakusei it seems. Or maybe not, because I know I saw dialupsucky do something at least similar to those Tatsumaki-corner juggles in the videos he posted.

Not that those things are necessarily mutually exclusive, though.

Does he build meter in Hado Kakusei mode? and I’m curious to the exact buffs he gets in that mode besides the new specials.

If you watched closely, you’ll see that he does build meter

Looks like you’ll be able to use it as I assumed then. From that video it does look like he is a bit faster in that mode. At least in my head(I dont recall playing the game since maybe early summer?)… But its been awhile. Hard to tell cuz its a video, so of course its not perfect. But from the video it looks like the front part of ryus leg is hitting and he is still htiting mediums, and even launcher(especially after all those hits)… And before it was like while ryu is spinning back (leg sorta in the middle)you could link a medium, and if you hit with the last part of spin then you could link the hards. So yea maybe hurricane kick loops are a little more practical then? Looks like its pretty plauseable to build a full bar too off the combos from that. Anyway yea from the video looks like you’ll be able to use it as a ghetto level 1 x factor. So all those level 1 x factor combos I posted before probably will work which is nice.

Actually I was thinking too, before ryus most powerful ender was if you did the tiger knee wave dash, to fireball, OTG super fireball(which then brings them into the fireball)… So maybe something like that but tiger knee wave dash to the rapid fire hadoken maybe even more?

Anywho, I think theres a chance I might get the game tommorow, so ill try to put up some more ryu, akuma, strider combos probably this weekend if anyone cares as long as im not to busy with doctor crap… shrug

Ryu Mission Mode video incoming soon