You MUST use pad for Gamestop tourney and Top 16 pad players get seated at Evo...?!

Alright, not sure if you all are aware but the Top 16 from the upcoming Gamestop tourney are going to be seated at Evo. That’s cool and all but the only downside is that the Gamestop tourney is only allowing you to use 360 pads and not joysticks!!! I mean wtf Gamestop?! Come on Capcom (Seth) talk some sense into them. Yeah, we’re going to have to practice on pad but idk, to me SFIV is an arcade based game and should be kept that way. I’ve been playing the game in arcades ever since it came out and now they are making us use pad. Kind of a big punch in the face if you ask me.

Also, true and very stupid. Needs to be handled.

-Tha Hindu

for that matter:

you’re qualifying on xbox 360 pad for an all ps3 tournament.


How do they expect pad players who play on 360 to get used to a PS3 pad. Some may not even have access to a PS3. This all needs to be sorted right away.

-Tha Hindu

Well unless you have 2 dozen 360’s to give the Evo mods, what do you propose?

As far as I know Gamestop made the rules so Evo Staff can’t really tell them to change the rules now can they?

Have the tourney on PS3 at Gamestop at least. The thing is, these matters should have been sorted out before the tourney through Gamestop was even proposed. Also, 360s are known for RRODs. What if the GS you’re playing at suddenly gets an RROD randomly? What will become of the tourney? I believe it’s 33% of 360s get the RROD. Just an FYI.

-Tha Hindu

I wasn’t aware it was the Evo staff’s idea for the tournament. Did they submit it to GS?

Either way, your complaint here won’t achieve much, it’s to gamestop you should talk.

Shouldn’t it be to both? At this point it should be Capcom and the Evo staff that can raise this question with Gamestop. We have a voice but on this board. If we don’t state it then nothing gets achieved.

-Tha Hindu

I understand, I just don’t see GS changing it.

Don’t forget that we’re hardcore ourselves. We did everything humanly possible to try to get this in, but it’s just not feasible. The kiosks the tournament will be played on just can’t be modified in a way which would expose the controller port.

Plz Wiz, we really really need help with this.

Come on, it’s a Gamestop tournament, what were you guys expecting? :rolleyes:

well I’m not all that familiar with the evo format so correct me if I’m wrong, but 16 people that won a gamestop tourny playing with a 360 pad will get a spot in the round that comes after pool play? if so does that mean less people will make it out of pools than what would traditionally? that sounds kinda whack if true but I guess evo gots to make dat guap.

I’m all for Evo getting sponsored and blowing up, but this goes completely against the point. We go to Evo to avoid scrub BS like this.

<sigh> Guess I’ll be practicin on a pad for a week. Charge characters FTW!

Chances are there will be some top players from Evo that place in the top 16, and they will use their sticks at Evo.

The nine gamestops ive been to around my house have Rock Band in the PS3 kiosk with a gutair as the controller. There is no way they can use those for this tournament.

Dont get too bent out of shape over a free tournament.

Just have fun.

This tournament is accomplishing two very important things.

a) bringing people together in a community that you might have not known before in your area.
b) educating people about tournaments and if they want to take it to the next level, there is tournaments out there for you.

Does that mean there’s nothing we can do about it…
at least let us take our sticks

This has been explained in like 4 other threads. Ponders post covers it, but for those who cant read, The kiosk itself is locked down to not allow other controllers to be plugged in without severly hacking the kiosk. We had a kiosk at evo and it took Seth almost 2 hours to hack it to allow sticks. There is no way in hell that 2400 store managers are going to be able to hack them just so that you can use a stick. I know it sucks, but just make the best out of it, and just remember Evo is the real tournament with sticks.

Also keep in mind that not even Evo qualifiers in the past were always console when Evo itself is, Evo North (MWC) has always been arcade even though Evo is console. You could not use your stick/controller there yet it still counted towards seeding for Evo. The better players will emerge in the end, it’s just an issue of if having to adapt is worth it or not.

Ok I understand that, but let me ask you something
do you guys would mind (meaning, is it srk legal) if we go to our local store and talk to the manager to see if he can let us try to hack into the kiosk???
Im pretty sure that they would have a couple of days before the tournament.

My point is that, I know that in some point it would be kinda unfair for us to use sticks while the other stores wouldnt be allowed to.

Would you allow us to try that???

I’m curious as to what kind of talent is going to come out of the Gamestop sixteen. It would be quite neat if any of them make it past their first round; odds are obviously stacked against it.

That was a very good catch, man! Never thought of that. Quite funny too.

who cares if its 360. it shouldnt matter if both ports are solid.

in the end, just have fun. its a free tourney. its good exposure for the tourney scene to casuals/rookies/aspiring players