You now can pre-oder Madcatz TE on Amazon!

april fool sucka!

I just heard the sound of a million frustrated gamers, crying out in distress.


ah, you got me. :smiley:

god. i hope im not the only one who read the april fools and then went anyways just in case :frowning:

hahaha! good one

Thank you!

But the TE sticks are in another castle.

That was mean :frowning: Seriously my eyes watered, I almost shed a tear. And nyoru I have a bookmarkfolder where I have all the sites that have selled TEs before so I loaded 10 sites just in case Amazon wa already sold out.

NOT COOL. But it was pretty good prank anyway. I wich I had thought about it :stuck_out_tongue:

Predictable…knew it before I clicked on your thread.:rock:

I knew it was a joke, because I was on Amazon earlier to check… Just like the day before… and the day before… :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL got me. But if people want some JLF’s just got 45 of them instock. I’m serious. I know its April fools day but i’m for real about this one. It wouldn’t hurt to check even if this was a joke.

Damn you

Ouch, my soul :frowning:

You make me feel bad!

T_T…wow really…


OK…that was gay!! runs away crying like Dr. Evil

shazam on the other hand I have a TE for 360 that I used once $240 shipped
Edit: I have someone interested locally. I’m not even allowed to sell it here.


soooo april foolish…