You only have ONE CHANCE!

hey I used the search function and found nothing, thought you guys might like this

One Chance

check it out! and tell me what happened for you

I only saved myself and my daughter.:shake:

Went to work everyday, I am Legend.

I saved no one and I died.

I don’t get it. Couldn’t actually interact with anything or make any “choices”.

Arrow keys to move, spacebar to interact with things (at certain points, you might have to use your mouse, but that’s about it).

Played it. Interesting concept.

Why does this game seem almost exactly like this game:

Every day the same dream

However, just to be fair, I will say I got the ending with me and the little girl.
Went to work every day.

FYI: If you want reply value, right-click, pick settings, look for an option for “storage” and set it to 0 kb. After completing the game, when asking you to save, deny.

All Endings

[details=Spoiler]There’s not many, but this is basically how it all comes down.

  • You die in Lab, failed to find cure.

  • Die in park alone.

  • Live in park alone.

  • Live in park with daughter.

  • Die in room at work that says “Sorry”.

  • Jump off building.

  • No matter what, the wife will either get murdered, move out to live with parents, or kill herself.

  • Daughter magically disappears if Wife is saved.

Found info on endings from 4chan[/details]

I tried to set it up for my girlfriend to play and when she pressed PLAY it showed the guy sitting on the floor dead, you really DO only have one chance :amazed:

Right click. Mess with the settings. You can reset the game.


I got to the last day, and chose to go to the park with my daughter. now we’re just sittin’ there with our eyes closed and I can’t seem to do anything else.

that’s it? interesting, but a waste of time imo.

I died on a bench.

In the snow.

im in sitting on a bench in the park by myself. am i dead?

man I showed my girlfriend a walkthrough on youtube and now she thinks I died cos I took the lab womans offer :rofl:

I’ll try and mess with it later, I don’t like the fact there’s a dead guy in my laptop :confused:

Enable private browser and you can replay as much as you want when you close/reopen it.