You play that shit like you just got ya' muthafuck


what is this?

listen to the intro of 989898

Yeah, but where is it sampled from?

Lol, I never realized that, still I should play the game to find out

Same. I always thought it was cool that a fighter would start like that, reminds me of 3rd Strike. Just wish the controls were better in 98.

It all begin in '94
Kept on rolling in '95
Pieces were in place in '96, and
It came to an end in '97
Now it comes and here we go
Kay Oh Eff is here again
Nothing’s gonna stop 'cause it’s 1998!

Always wondered where the topic title was sampled from. Truly awesome theme tune, though, the UM remix is probably my favourite KoF theme.

honest to gOD i have heard that line somewhere. i just don’t know where it’s from

i think the guy says mother fucking money or something. i really hope someone can identify it.

There is a youtube video which indicate when they say that, but I can’t find it

(i found it in the morning dammit)


Play that shit like you just got your motherfucking head busted I think…