You roll forward after being knocked down. Opponent sweeps. what do

Every single fucking time I roll forward they d+hk sweep me. I try to block it, and no luck. I try to jump it, and no luck. Help. What do?

dont roll forward

Aew you crouch blocking?

Block low.

I went on LIVE first time last night and thought the same thing. A lot of people I fought always, consistently without fail would roll forward.
I felt dirty just sweeping, but hey, gotta learn some way.
By muscle memory, from I guess the old 3s days, I hit down when I land. A lot better than that roll

block it

Either you’re not blocking or there is a certain time in which you can’t block after a roll. Because I destroy people who roll on wake up consistently with sweep. The following is an accurate description of half the people I play online
20 secs of fighting>hard knock down for enemy>enemy rolls>sweep>enemy rolls>sweep>enemy rolls>sweep… wash, rinse, repeat till knock out is achieved >xD

you can always block after a roll. they can’t hit you during it at all. think of it like the forward roll in marvel. people just get hit cause they’re either pressing buttons or blocking the wrong direction.

and just like in marvel, people thing they can mash on LP or LK as they get up and don’t realize that any meaty attack from the opponent will stuff all of their normals, no matter how fast the startup is.

if Marduk knocks down cammy, he can stuff her 3 frame jab with his 500 frame HK if he times it right

Well I guess nobody knows how to block then. Because I shit you not, I’ve hit someone 8 times in a row with a sweep because they kept trying to roll :slight_smile:

Well, rolling 8 times in a row and consistently being swept seems to be conducive to the kind of behavior of someone that doesn’t know how to block.

Because when people roll and and get swept instead of trying to block next time they are most likely trying to mash dp instead of doing the smart thing.

Equip autoblock gem and hope you have some meter.