You See It First! - SF#5 Shinkiro Cover!

To make today a special day that we have a SF Comic section in the SRK forum, here is the SF #5 Power Cel cover by Shinkiro. It will be limited to a print run of 5000 copies.


More to come…

Very nice,as usual,I will get mine asap ! :smiley:

That cover is AWESOME!!! Way way too good.

That’s the most beautiful piece of art I’ve ever seen.

thats bad ass cover :eek:

so nice… so nice. :frowning:

is that the same artist that did the snk artwork for cvs2?

TOO GOOD. I WILL get this cover.

It’s pretty good. I’m not a big Shinkiro fan and I prefer Jo Chen’s foils more. Now if you could get Edyan…

Edayan… hee hee…

well… just stay tune.

will the limited edition be only available online or through ds? and how much will it be?

your comic is totally sold out in several of the comic shops i go to.:slight_smile:

The SF comic book is mainly distributed through the direct sales market, which means the comic book and specialty stores.

Each issue, we will have a limited amount of one of the regular covers at the newstands. But the majority of the books are still sold through the comic stores.

The Power Foil, and this particular Power Cel cover are all going to be limited to 5000 copies max. So if you want to make sure that you can get a hold of a copy, you should arrange it with your local comic book shop. Call 1-888 COMIC-BOOK (1-888-266-4226) to find a store near you.

And SF#1 second printing is still in stock at the distributor for reordering. So please remind your store about that!

Woo Hoo! I love Shinkiro.


I’d say it’s pretty damn amazing that a U.S. Street Fighter comic gets an official SNK… errrr… Capcom artist to do a cover.

Sweet! Crazy official art. Making me excited to get it now.