You seen Coming to America? What if that guy was also Batman? - Black Panther General Discussion



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X23 function incoming


I don’t care how he plays, I’m maining him!


Obv he is gonna be a speedy Sabretooth


I hope so


Black dudes are stoked on this character. As an average white guy, I am too. Mobility and rush down are gonna be tight.


Melanin too strong


Inb4 Kotaku article with the headline “Finally A Black Fighting Game Character, But He Fights Like An Animal”.


Likely getting a new Black Panther movie trailer next week for NY ComicCon.

If Capcom was smart, we should be getting some MVCI footage along with it.


Sucks waiting for the character you know you’re going to main lol.



Black Panthers Alternate Costume


Day one main.


He’s here!!! Let’s discuss that trailer!!!


I love how agile he is and his air game is gonna be crazy however capcom could have done so much more with him

It’s like they watched captain america: civil war and called it a day


Do people really see X23/Logan in BP? I can see a little Sabertooth but not that much he doesn’t really have the same functions, but maybe its too early to tell


@Nemoking I agree. It would’ve been dope to have BP with assist specials like Ultron, where the Dora Milaje attack with vibranium spears and energy guns.

Im just glad we got the movie to make up for it.


Not loving his voice acting but I’m hoping he’s the character I need.


If Capcom designed characters based on everything they did in comics a lot of them would play very different. This is a fighting game where they have to fit archetypes, BP was gonna be rushdown by virtue of his most obvious traits.


Yeah. You’re right tbh. Still would have liked to have seen projectile daggers at least since he uses those more than he’s ever used his claws in the comics. I hope he’s a fun and viable character to use tho


So Dante can have all his assortment of tools, but Black Panther can’t?

I like to believe that Capcom houses some creative people. You can create a rushdown-based character, and still have BP perform his most signature abilities from the comics/movies/cartoons. How about reinvent the rushdown archetype, instead of tracing it.

Black Panther is Marvel’s Batman. I’d be so disappointed if Netherrealm said "Batman has to fit a strict brawler-archetype because it’s a fighting game, so he only has close-quarters cape rekkas & a punch kick combo supermove. Batarangs and Grapple would be OP ".