You Sexy B!tches! - A Thank You Thread


Originally entitled “Thank You Tech Talk!”, but I figured this was more catchy. :wgrin:

After successfully dualmodding 3 1/2 sticks - 2x x360 TE/MC Cthulhu + IMP w/RJ45 (one was originally a PS3/Cthu, but I swapped that out and added the RJ45, much more work than you’d think!), and recently completed a x360 SE/MC + IMP dualmod with detachable USB cable, I am extremely happy with my results. Most importantly, couldn’t have had the knowledge nor the insight to do them without this forum and its threads. Here’s a list of my thank yous, and I encourage everyone else to drop their own thanks for the hard-working peeps who’ve helped out so many.

Firstly, Toodles. You are one sexy mofo. Giving the community a third-party solution to build and custom their own joysticks with the Cthulhu line and the IMP for easy dualmods, you take the cake. You deserve extra praise for the fact that you also hit up all the related threads and give some tech support. Awesome bro!

Bomberman for his SE/TE dualmod thread and everyone else who’ve contributed to it. This is by far the most comprehensive step-by-step guide to making a simple dualmod. The pictures, the care that went into all of this, all excellent work. My deepest thank you, for this one gave me the curiosity and courage to do my first dualmod.

acceptablerisk’s RJ45 Detachable Cable thread for making it way easy to setup Gamecube, Xbox1, and PS2 support. You took the guesswork out and made it relatively hassle-free.

rtdzign has two mentions. One for his RJ45 cable thread:
and secondly, his own dualmod setup helped me to figure out how to dualmod my SE stick for a detachable usb setup the way I wanted to do:

jdm714 gets a special mention, because of all the help I’ve seen him do for other members and various technical insights. Your “retirement” is already felt in the threads from what I’ve seen.

Also, a mention for the crew at LizardLick. You guys have made it WAY easy to purchase everything needed to make all this stuff possible. The custom PS3/Cthulhu-based stick (same pcb I stripped out of my first dualmod) I assembled for my brother, plus all the other items I’ve used for my dualmods, thank you.
Lizard Lick Amusements

These are just MY personal thank yous, as these people/threads have directly helped me to complete my own projects. I do encourage any and ALL members to drop a line for anyone in this forum who has helped out with any of your questions/issues/setups.

My hat is off to all of you mentioned above. If any of you are in the Los Angeles area sometime, hit me up and the beer is on me, no joke. I really hope you’re into Guinness…


Congratz on the successful mods!


Nice to see positive recognition !
I second the emotions above!


Good stuff and good job, man :tup: