You slept with my teenage daughter! Now I must spank you!



I’m pretty sure if some dude slept with my daughter, he would be dead. Not spanked.](‘’)


Let me get off that easy, all the underaged, no kid having, no baggage having pussy would be all MINE!!!



Why not spank the daughter instead…

she’s gotta be naked of course.


Damn, I was really hoping the mother would be spanking the kid instead. There go all those punchlines…

EDIT: just watched the video. Really weird stuff.


A new level of kinky?


I don’t even want to tell you to watch the video again. He did spank the daughter. He told the son he did while he was spanking him…


Well FUCK.
zips up pants


Well, suddenly I feel like an even bigger idiot than usual!
That’s what I get for watching the video with no sound :rofl:


dont ask me why but I thought this was going to be a story from china.


How could it be from China? Nothing blew up and no one died.



Motherfucker got what he deserved.](‘’)


It was the title, wasn’t it? lol


Spanking a grown man and bare assed at that…

Stupid Texas isn’t much better than the worst parts of east Asia and you’re an idiot, this is the type of mindset that has allowed Zimmerman to escape the law as long as he did. No charges? GTFO, obviously no one is morning the loss of a molester but you can’t outright kill people unless someone’s life is in danger and that wasn’t the case here. I never killed anyone and I can’t imagine how the father must have felt seeing his fucking daughter raped but I’m damn sure it takes a lot of effort to kill someone with your bare hands so at some point it stops becoming justice and just becomes murder, fucking batman wannabes.

Should have left him bearly alive and let inmates give him a taste of his own medicine.


There are people who pay good money to get spanked.
He gets it for free AND gets to have sex with a little girl.

Some people have all the luck…


And no one shit in the street.


Never said I liked either.

Cool story bro, can’t wait for the sequel.

What’s your point? Zimmerman is guilty as fuck and everyone knows it, the man who saved his daughter is innocent and the man who tried to get her is obviously guilty as fuck, and everyone knows it. Not only that, the guy was in his property,** in his barn with his pants down.**

First of all, anyone that doesn’t kill someone while watching them raping or molesting their child is a spineless pussy.

Second of all, how do you** know** he wasn’t going to kill her after he was done? You can’t prove an unproven event.

Ha, “this is the type of mindset that makes people think prison rape is less serious.”

See how easy that was?

Who’s to say if the guy didn’t kill him that the guy would have gotten away and done it again?


haha white people


^This is what I’m sayin. If he had used the belt on him, Okay. Pulling the pants down, and hittin it bare handed? um, :wtf: No. Go get mah belt and keep yo’ pants on boy!! Beat the shit outta him with the belt? I’ll approve. Funny is that he spanked the daughter too. Pops Ain’t doing things halfway. How come we don’t see THAT youtube clip?

:rofl: …Or dragged down the street naked or have part of their face or nutsack ripped off, right?



For a min there, I thought the dad was going to stomp the young guy out as soon as he got down on the floor. Then suddenly, things just got weird.


aww man:( I thought he was gonna kick his ass then remove the belt from his pants and woop the shit out that dude. WTF is this gay porn shit?:wtf: