You stupid @#$%ing asshats. Where is the 3s Exhibition at EVO!?

Been watching and mildly enjoying some of the EVO action over the weekend. There have been a few hype moments like the match between Alex Valle and Daigo in SSF4:AE or Mago almost eliminating Wong early on. Marvel was exciting for a few minutes a couple times over the course of yesterday, but… where the hell is the 3rd Strike exhibition!!!1

If my timezone’s are correct then it should have started an hour or two ago. Its fine if they are running behind and haven’t gotten to 3s yet but something really worries me.
On the EVO2k site schedule they have 3s Exhibition starting after Tekken 6. I watched the T6 finals and waited. Pretty quickly the MK9 top 8 started!!!? WTF!!
If you look on the Ustream page it has a slightly different schedule. On that page MK9 is listed between Tekken 6 and MVC3… 3rd Strike Exh. is nowhere to be found and according to what is on the actual stream that might be correct.

The EVO crew can dislike 3s all they want as long as they follow through with a small hour and a half of love for the best game they should be showcasing in their bloody tournament.

too bad there aren’t already two threads about evo on this board

Your on the internet man. USE IT!

Here. Shut up. You could have googled “EVO master schedule” UGH. Just wait, take a dump, make a sandwich, bang your significant other. 3S is up next. Sheez. -_____-

DanDan, the evo crew obviously aren’t fond of 3s and so the conflicting schedules on and the Ustream page got me a little nervous. I’m also tired of fucking waiting to see this shit. Guess I’m a little bitter that the 5 grandmasters don’t really live up to the title (no offense to those greatplayers). I thought SRK forums were 90% complaining, 9% good info and 1% WTF!?

Gaijinblaze, always in with the timely quip. I would have complained in one of the other active threads but I figured someone would start bitching at me so I started a new thread. So solly to you Whitemanflaming.

MK9 done.
Mini EVO doc clip done.
Now some chick is moaning over a trance track.


here we gooooo!

Thank you everyone!!

Sorry folks…:shake:

It was dogshit. If you missed it you didn’t miss much.

It’d be really cool if we could “like” infractions


I don’t see the logic :wonder:

I wish Mike Z was able to make more of a show with Tanden-Renki.
There certainly could have been a better showing of current 3s talent. Good players though.
Honestly I’m still happy to see 3rd Strike getting a bit of time at EVO.

This whole thread is a case of temporary insanity due to boredom due to an attempt at enjoying most of Evolution 2011.
That being said, the Evolution crew put together a really great show for the games they care about.

Stream would have been better with Rockefeller on commentary. Sadly, that’ll lively never happen at EVO again.

It’s sucks. Those people play Chun mirrors even at an exhibition. Lame! No offense but the organizing for 3SO was really terrible. They could pay for lots of Japs for AE but they didn’t care to invite RX, Kuroda, Sugiyama, Hayao, Kokujin or Boss here to grow the hype.

And no decent Makoto use SA3, really!

no love for st or mvc2 :frowning: