You textin' at the cinema? Don't... it might get you killed


WESLEY CHAPEL, FL - The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office reports that one person has died as a result of a shooting inside the Cobb Grove 16 Theater in Wesley Chapel.

Investigators are calling the shooting an isolated incident.

They say two couples were at the theater watching previews for the movie the “Lone Survivor” when the shooting occurred. The male suspect and his wife got into an argument with another couple who were sitting in front of them. The couple seated in front was texting. The male suspect pulled out a gun and shot twice.

Both were airlifted to a Tampa-area hospital.The male victim is deceased and the female victim was injured with non-life threatening injuries, according to the PCSO.

The theater was evacuated. A good Samaritan inside the theater was able to detain the suspect until deputies arrived. Moviegoers Charles and Alex Cummings witnessed the shooting. Blood from the shooting was visible on Alex’s lower leg and pants.

The names of the suspect and victims have not been released.

Pasco Fire Rescue and Pasco Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene which is under control.

The theater is located at 6333 Wesley Grove Blvd.

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only in florida… da fuq is this.


belongs in the florida thread, imo.

but yeah, texting in a theater is pretty annoying.


Couple fired upon. Lone survivor.


Good. People who talk or text during movies are the scum of the earth.


Who else stopped right here? Because I did.

-Greetings from a Florida resident.


The fuck you mean only in Florida OP? You not watch the news or some shit? Do I gotta post links to the incident involving the movie shooting in Aurora, CO that happened a while back?


Shoutout to God Bless America


Seriously, shooting over texting during the previews?

I mean I could understand if it was during the film, but during the boring ass adverts you pay to sit through it should only be a stabbing at the most.


damn this is corny, cant believe someone would pop off like that, the lady has to be hot after her dog got iced


I’m okay with this.


are people that interested in adverts?


There was this guy who was texting during a movie I was watching with my girl. So I did the tough guy thing and…told the employees to get him kicked out. Forget altercations. I don’t want to get shot.


I hate when people text during a movie.

It is maddening.

But during trailers?

Fuck trailers.

It’s bad enough that we have to endure 20+ minutes of ads and previews if we want to get a good seat, as is.

People should text on pure principle during that shit.

I hope the shooters get life.


When I was trying to figure out how to not get junk mail(not email), there was a statistic I read, that over half prefer and want junk mail because they enjoy reading advertisements. Wouldn’t be surprised if this was the same with advertisements before the movie.


Hmm We live 10 miles from that area.


that was not because a guy texted though, was it?


It was a terrible fucking movie. How about we just forget about it instead?


Lol Florida. Can we make that Bugs Bunny gif a reality already? :coffee:


insert insensitive off kilter joke referencing realism of 3D to mildly humorous effect

This shit is ridiculous,I hate texters in theaters more than anyone, but killing someone over a minor annoyance? Young people talk about YOLO all the time, but it’s really the elderly who are living it because they know they already got 1 foot in the grave.


Hey, buddy, could you stop shooting in the theatre, please?! We are trying to have a conversation during this movie and we can’t even hear each other over the sound of your gunfire.