"You think I'm afraid of heights?" - The Batgirl Thread


Hey guys, I figured I’d make this thread so we can put our findings here instead of general discussion.

I’m just about to get into the lab with her, I’ll post what I come up with soon!


Here’s just the BEGINNING of a combo:


And if you MB that then the opponent is stranded


here’s one that’ll do a good amount (haven’t landed it but i know for a fact it’ll work)

b2u3, d2 xx BF1, walk up, b3, j2, 11 xx BF3

should do roughly 31% and it’s a good meterless combo

she doesn’t seem to do a lot of damage but her mix-up potential is absurd


If you’re going to spend meter, you can cancel ground strings into Flying Bat[MB]. Example:

2 1 2 xx Flying Bat[MB], D2 xx Bola, Stuff

It seems like D2 xx Bola is her main way of getting high damage combos, but if you wait until the end of the combo to use it, you can get a standing reset instead. In the corner, you can link F2 3 multiple times for high damage.


From the thread on TYM:

b+2u+3 > b+2u+3 > d+2 xx BF1 > b+3 > J2 > 11 xx DB2U (31%)
b+2u+3 > b+2u+3 > J2 > f+21 xx DF2 MB > f+21 xx DB2U (41%)

b+12 > d+2 xx BF1 > b+3 > J3 > 212 xx DB2U (27%)
b+12 > 212 xx DF2 MB > 212 xx DB2U (36%)

d+2 xx BF1 > b+3 > J3 > 212 xx DB2U (24%)

f+12 xx BF3 MB > b+3 > J3 > f+23 xx DB2 (36%)

DD3 MB > dash b+3 > J2 > d+2 xx BF1 > J2 > f+212 xx DB2 (25%)

DF2 MB > 212 xx DB2U (27%)

BF1 > dash MB > b+3 > J3 > 212 xx DB2D3 (32%)

J+2 f+2,3 xx D,F,2 MB D+2 xx B,F,1 DASH B+3 J+2 F+2,1 xx D,B,2,U (41%)

f+3 > J2 > f+212 xx DB2U (31%)
f+3 > J2 > 212 xx DF2 MB > f+21 xx DB2U (38%)

b+3 > J3 > 212 xx DF2 MB > f+21 xx DB2U (41%)


b+1 xx DB2U3 > f+23 > f+23 xx DF2 MB > f+23 xx DF2 (51%)

f+21 xx DB2U3 > f+23 > f+23 xx DB2U (45%)
f+21 xx DB2U3 > f+23 > f+23 xx DF2 MB > f+23 xx DB2U (53%)

f+23 > f+212 > f+212 xx DB2U (38%)


Also I found out that: You can get 2 dash in + MB from a bolo full screen.
So: Bolo> Dashx2> Mb> b3>j3>212>db2 32%


An alternative to B3 > J3 > 212 > DB2 is B3 > J2 > B2 U3 > 2 xx DB2U. It only does ~.3% extra damage, so definitely not worth it, but it’s a combo route to play around with. I feel like more damage is possible somehow.

Annoyingly, if you do B2 U3 off a jump-in, you have to delay the U3 somewhat for no good reason. Keeps messing up my timing.


Need more info dedicated to her vortex.


Basically works like this:

In Injustice, you can’t link ground strings (except under special circumstances), so when you get a ground string that ends in, say +10 on hit, the only thing the opponent can do for 10 frames is block. Batgirl has ways to end her combos in Bola, which restands and ties up the opponent, allowing you to follow up with something like J2, 1 1 1.

Now, 1 1 1 is +22 on hit, meaning you have 22 frames to do whatever you want, but it won’t combo. So now you either do B1 (14F low) or B2 (15F overhead) and they’re forced to eat the mixup. If it hits, you combo into bola again, J2, 1 1 1, repeat.


Oh yeah, another thing I forgot to mention:

Using a similar trick to the above, you can reset the combo counter before an MB bola by whiffing any normal. This creates an unblockable reset. Example:

B1 2, B2 U3, D2 xx BF1, 1(whiff), MB(activate bola), B3, J2, D2 xx BF1, 1(whiff), MB(activate bola), B3, J3, 2 1 2 xx DB2U = 90% damage for 2 bars


So why does MB Bolo cost no meter, or am I missing something?


Just a bug. Don’t get too used to it (or the bola reset), as I’m sure they’ll get patched soon. :slight_smile:


Have such a hard time landing a B3 after a MB BF3, can’t even mash it out.


Mashing it out is never a good way to land combos, you’ll be more accurate if you do it normally.

The recovery point is immediately after her last punch connects, it’s actually really easy if you watch her punches.


Just to clarify, the hotfix only took out the infinite and the unblockable reset right? Her vortexes are still in?


Correct. If they removed the vortex, she’d instantly be the worst character in the game.


So vanilla Viper then.


Batgirl is pretty damn good.

Ending any string that would leave you negative with bf3 makes you +1 instead.

How are you all getting in from fullscreen? not with dd3


Lots of blocking and dashing behind batarangs. If they give you a window, you can DB3~1 or DD3. Gotta be patient though, don’t jump ever.

As for BF3, it’s not tight from the majority of strings, and it can get you punished. I wouldn’t make a habit out of using it. I think B1 and 212 are the only practical blockstrings, and 21 works as a frametrap.


Made a quick Batgirl combo vid, 50% meterless & more
hope you like it