You think MVC2 is hard to play on pad?

Some of the combos require you to be really fast, and the 360 controller just doesn’t not do that for me enough. It’s nearly impossible to do hypers and decent combos. It’s just much easier to play on stick.

What do you guys think?


Most people are going to say yes

However there’s a lot of controversy around fanatiq and his obd (one button dash) which got a lot of people heated back in the day

I play Marvel 2 on pad. If it wasn’t for that freaking dash input it wouldn’t be near as bad. Dashing consistently with a pad is ridiculously tough.Fanatiq sacrifices an assist button for that one button dash.

It sucks because you can’t even set up OBD on 360 or PS3 >_>

I play MvC2 on pad without a dash button (default configuration and that’s it) and I play it on pad much better than I do on arcade…
I wouldn’t say it’s hard, you just have less people to copy and learn techs from, but there’s no limitation on how far you can get execution wise if you’re on pad… I can even mash out grav tempests on pad…

Well, I surely am no top player and I wouldn’t even get close to win evo or any MvC2 majors, but I can hold my own playing on a Dreamcast pad.

here’s some footage of me playing MSP on pad (with close in my hands by the end of the match). enjoy.

So wait…you beat Cl0ckwork? How the fuck are you not a top player?o_O

I’ve played the PS3 version on pad and fightstick but I always play for fun. The biggest problem I have on pad is that I have a hard time hitting square and triangle or x and circle at the same time for supers.

clockwork is the team name …

I’ve never heard of a pad player who doesn’t use macros. That’s very impressive!

but to answer the original question, no it’s not hard to play on pad. Mobility is the most important thing in MvC2, and one button dash is broken.

EricGGMusic already said that, but yeah, Clockw0rk is the team name, played in that video by my friend Poucas Trancas… lol.
I have never played Clockw0rk or any top players in USA because I’m brazilian and never got the chance to attend Evo or something… Someday I will, possibly next year.
There’s a player in Brazil who also plays on a pad. He went to the USA a couple of years ago and played a casual 30 match series with Justin Wong.
Here are all the videos:
Carlos is one of our best players (there’s 3 or 4 more guys who can play toe to toe with him), I used to play him a lot and he destroyed me almost every time… LOL!

Pressing X and O or square + triangle is quite easy… things get tricky when you have to press X + Triangle to perform Storm’s lightning attack… but with some training it became possible (I do it with just my thumb also).
Execution in MvC2 is FAST, but also simple, if you don’t have to play holding a button down (Like Zero on MvC3) or make a lot of PLink inputs like you’d have to do advanced stuff on SSFIV (I do some Plinking in Pad too, but it’s HARD, lol) I’d say you can do anything on pad just as you can on stick, just train and get used to it… or buy a stick and get used to that instead…
Effort level to get good is about the same, I guess.

Yeah I mean I CAN do supers on MvC2 it’s just that for w/e reason, either I dont press the two buttons at the exact same time or the game just doesnt recognize me pressing them together. Nonetheless I have a stick but I’ve been gaming with a pad for years so getting used to moving my whole hand and using four fingers is a bit much so I usually just use pad in MvC3.

DC pad is decent for MvC2, honestly. I learned all the combos I know on it.

Playing on a pad just got significantly easier for me since I got my new fight pad. That PS3 pad I had was messed up because the buttons were stuck in. I can dash consistently now.That was my only problem with playing on a pad besides the LK + HP inputs.

I have trouble dashing, i have big fingers/hands tho idk

im a pad player except im learning to play on stick for non-sony systems

You don’t need an arcade stick to be good at marvel 2 or 3, there are lots of godlike players who play on pad, arcade sticks only help those who have problems with execution on pad(i.e their fingers are to big ect ect), they don’t make you a better player exactly, if anything just go buy a fightpad, those also can improve on execution, especially considering the d-pad on those are better than the 360 d-pads(if you play on 360) and they are only like 45 dollars. personally i like the 360 standard controller, the small d-pad makes for tighter motions so it reduces travel time from left to right/bottom to top motions, so i can get out my moves and commands pretty fast, I am not godlike on pad, but I’m pretty fucking good if i do say so myself. the d-pad on the PS3 i hear is also very good.

arcade sticks are overrated. i have one, and it was a waste of $130, because it just sits in my closet and collects dust.

being good at MvC2 on pad will take a longer time than just getting used to playing on stick and learning MvC2

lol no, that is not fact, getting good at a any fighting game is personal progress whether you are using a stick or pad or whatever, just going out and buying a stick wont help you learn faster, lmao!!

i never said it was fact, calm down.

however, playing mvc2 on pad creates a few difficulties that are easier on stick, like tridashing and calling assist, or fast flies. learning stick isnt that hard and all the buttons are right there at your fingers. going out and buying a stick wont make you automatically better, but for mvc2, it definitely makes things easier on your hands

Pass it on to me, then. I’ll test it out for you to make sure it’s properly functional.


this is true sir, but i can already do most of the stuff on pad, so i guess an arcade stick isn’t needed for me, but you do have a point there