You think some laws should allow the hitting women?

Well, i’m not a violent guy… however i just hit a woman today. Earlier today, i went driving to buy something, and i had to take a piss. So i parked my car and took a piss around some bushes. Out of nowhere a homeless lady pops out of the bushes and apparently she was breast feeding her kid while i was peeing on her (accidentally). Now this lady was scary looking, she was like on of those nude tribes women you see in the discovery channel but having really worn out and dirty pink nightgown. She approached me very offensively and i could zip it yet, and i was just staring at her very scarred as i was trying to finish up. She started nagging me and i was turning my head towards her and then down towards my crotch every second. She then started cursing at me and poking me in the head while her baby (who was crying yet sucking on her tit) was crying loud as fuck.

I repeatedly said sorry while trying to hide the greatest posters jewels as much as i could. Anyway, she puts down her baby and goes into my car when i’m just about to finish and starts kicking the door. I got very angry and i tried to make her stop…

I took out some crackers in my glove compartment (which is what i give to beggers) and about 50 cents to shurg her off. But she wouldn’t stop… so i then cursed at her and warned her, but she then kicks my knee… on top of that (i don’t know if it was one of her older daughters, sisters, or friends) comes jumping at me, pounding me on the head. The poor lady then trash talks me, saying "you have no respect for the poor’… now i was choking because of the other girl on top of me, so instead of back breaking her i poked in her pussy (she didn’t have pants because she was poor, and that is nasty). She drops because of the psuedo low blow and then the poor lady starts verbally attacking me more. I almost cried… anyway, the lady got physical again and i back-handed lariated her in the face… i really felt guilty a few seconds after so, i opened up the crackers i was supposed to give them and just started tossing it to them when they where on the floor. Like how pigeon keepers feed the pigeons.

The cops came, and all 3 of us were sent to the police office for talking. And i wasn’t arrested, but for some reason i was the one who was in trouble.

I’ve seen allot of guys get into trouble for hitting a woman because they couldn’t handle the abuse anymore and yet they still where the ones wrong. Why?


Dude, it’s just like high school - nobody cares who started the fight, the one who gets in trouble is the first one the teachers see taking a swing.

This thread is stupid - the law DOES allow you to hit women, since you were striking back in defense.


1 star for effort

You should of hit the baby

Don’t listen to this troll!

Which women are the “hitting” women?

There are laws against hitting women specifically? that’s news to me. It’s merely a moral thing… Anyway, bad post is bad.

The fuck did the .25 come from?

In fact, where did the 4 come from?

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