You think you'd be better with a stick

I just got my hori rap-ex and I have to say, I’ve gotten so used to the dpad that I now SUCK at using a joystick.

Ugh, time to relearn a joystick.

Oh don’t worry. Once you get the hang of the stick, you’ll NEVER want to go back to the d-pad again.

lol panda i was in the same situation playin you last night :stuck_out_tongue: just got the sf4 stick and its so hard to learn

The hardest thing is getting used to the square gate. When I should have been doing a :db: :r: charge move it would register as :db: :df:

Drove me freaking INSANE:crybaby:

When I was playing you last night, I was SO tempted to pull out the dpad.

Don’t do it! Stick with the stick (LOL) it’ll be really beneficial to you in the end. The square gate is actually supposed to be more advantageous for charge characters. It’s the people with Shoto-style moves and circular motions that require the most getting used to with the square gate IMO.

Yeah for real, the SE stick I’m using is square gate and it definitely makes charges players easier. I mean for moves that require and DB charge or a DF input hitting the corners is way easy. I can actually do Devil Reverses that are safe and not shooting me straight at my opponents now.

Having played with d-pad, diamond and square gate sticks - the square gate may be annoying but it will all be worthwhile when you learn you can reliably play Bison and Balrog. Hold down 2 kick buttons? No problem, your thumb and pinky weren’t doing anything anyway.

After about a week you’ll get used to it. It’s a worthy investment though.

I don’t know what it would be such a common misconception that getting a stick will immediately improve your execution ability if you’ve only ever used pad before.

It will take time to get used to it. Put in that time. Play a shitload of matches and drill yourself in training mode. Don’t switch back to pad while you’re trying to get used to it. At all.

You will get used to it pretty quickly, and I promise that you will thank yourself once you do.

haha yea thats what im afraid of… cant wait till my mad catz TE comes in… going to be in training for a while…

i have become a wuss i can no longer give myself blisters to pull off stuff on a pad.
i can’t switch back anymore.

lol deaded do you wanna play some more tonight or sometime i need practice too with my sim

Took me about a week to get used to my stick. Just wasn’t comfortable holding the stick at first.

I have over 3k ranked matches on xbl and prolly another 1k in player matches and i’m still getting used to stick. My execution on ps pads is super fast, but the button layout on sticks is far superior. I find 360’s and 720’s to be super hard on stick (I know, this makes no sense) It’s just that I grew up with pad.

edit: the 360 pad is garbage.

It took me a few hours to become at all useful, and about 2 weeks to be nearly as proficient as I was, and another week on I’m starting to get sloooooowly better.

But damn is it worth it.

Hi all, I’m new…glad to be here :slight_smile:

So, I play HD Remix on my 360 and absolutely refuse to play on its dpad. I’ve actually gotten pretty good with the joystick on the 360 but I think I can do better. I find myself either unable to pull some moves out or accidentally jumping and stuff like that. It’s pretty annoying, especially in the heat of a fight. I’m definitely going to invest in a stick very soon. I hope it helps.

It took me less than a week to see an improvement over my previous game. Just practice.

Am I the only one to have transformed my 4-D SC4 hori stick into an 8-direction one?
I found it more easy to pass from low gard to high gard with an 8-D. Playing with this kind of stick from years I couldn’t go back to 4-d.

I fail to see the relevance.

I instantly hated my 4 way gate, but after playing for a short while it felt perfectly natural. I’d be intersted to test an 8 way gate, but I don’t have the time or inclination to rip apart my shiny new EX2.