You think you're hungry for taco del mar? You're not

I see a bunch of people here thinking they’re serious and hungry about taco del mar. They’ll talk about getting a couple of tacos and maybe chips on the side. But when it comes time to throw down a second burrito I see all sorts of lame excuses. “I don’t normally like black beans”, “I had a big breakfast”, or the worst one – “I’m having a large diet coke”. That’s BULLSHIT, diet coke isn’t even FOOD. There’s no calories.

I see all sorts of people going to jack in the box or taco bell and getting a couple of nasty tacos. It’s all great on the forums and people have gatherings, and shit, but people are just eating to have fun, and not getting serious about it. I remember back in the day at Zach’s we have SEVERAL bags of doritos on the table, cookies, and people were still packing down burritos.

Honestly you shouldn’t be suprised when we go to evo and the new york or socal teams are sitting next to us at the buffet and clearing their third plate of steak while we’re still dicking around with the all you can eat crab. This is a wake up call, people. I saw people posting after evo how other regions ate way more than us and I had to shake my head. **You’re just figuring this out? **

Honestly you guys have potential but you’re just eating to be social, or to be friends. I mean, one guy at the last gathering didn’t even order ANYTHING, he just nibbled on some stale fries. Keith, I appreciate what you’re doing with the dumplings, and it’s great for the community. But people here have pride and it doesn’t help at all when we can’t even finish a double taco tuesday combo with a quesadilla on the side. Come on people.

The hungriest people in the area don’t even EAT together for god’s sake. People have sessions at their houses, and order two medium dominos pies. Don’t think I’m not grateful for that. I am. But let this be a reality check. **You can’t call yourselves hungry until you can put down two burritos, two tacos, and a large coke with refills. **

Let this be a reality check for those of you that say you’re hungry. Aside from a couple of people, I can’t even think of who eats like that. Pablo can put down three scoops of strawberry/banana creatine whey protein mix in one fish taco. Biting into that shit is like swallowing a mouthful of sand. So how are you going to start to want to eat? Or do you even want to eat? Drop the self entitlement if you want them to take your order at taco del mar with a straight face.

Chipotle > *

Far more hungry for Chipotle. I approve of this topic, though.

Hey Beasley, you look like Abel. I bet now that you’re working out you look even more like Abel.

Torta or burrito and two tacos from a taco truck - thats real

Not a fan of Taco Del Mar - Taco Trucks are beastly though.

I haven’t tried Chipotle yet, they just opened one near my house though.

I’m down for an eating session any time. If people need help being a true fatass, just send a msg my way and I will teach you the ways.

I love Chipotle but I can’t afford it. Throwing out all of that bloody underwear gets expensive. And washing doesn’t work, the stains won’t come out. If only there was a way I could eat Chipotle and not have to buy new underwear all the time…

Haha you’re the one that looks like abel! You have the same nose and eyes, lol.

god this was awesome

Zass, we gotta grub out sometime dude. Sounds dank.


that’s like endorsing svc for game of the year

  • > chipotle


This from the man who couldn’t finish his 4th dollar menu item. I question your gastronomic rapacity. I deride it. NO GASTRONOMIC RAPACITY have you!!

I try to be nice and provide food for the impoverished. But any time you trick ass marks want to throw down, let’s go. Fuck two burritos and sides. When you can down 2 Little Caesar’s large pizzas then hit up JiB for 10 tacos, and wash it all down with Muscle Milk, then you’re ready to step to me. No joke. Come see me, in the buffet aisle.

Do what I do. Don’t wear underwear.

Sounds like we need to have a SUPER CHINA BUFFET showdown or something.

what in the hell?!

Oh, don’t tell me you don’t know about SUPER CHINA BUFFET Frank. It can only be written in CAPS btw, it is an injustice to SCB to write it in small letters.

It’s all about Qdoba!

Baja Fresh snitches.

I second this, although sharing a wall with them for 2 years when I worked at gamestop tended to burn me out some.

Beasely who are you to judge who eats enough and who doesn’t in the scene? Last I checked, you haven’t been eating at any of the new restuarants or been cooking any of the new recipes. I eat six times a day, and I’ve added two meals since EVO. I’ve seen a lot of people in the scene working hard to level up, doing late night Dick’s runs and ordering large pizzas just for themselves, and for you to come in and shit on that is disrespectful.

This is the only correct answer. What the fuck is a Chepotle? What the fuck is a Qdoba? That isn’t even a fucking real word in any language.

You guys think you’re hungry when all you guys do is gather around the $8 worth of food you copped off the dollar menu thinking you did something worthy of praise. Guess what? You fucking didn’t. You ain’t shit, and you will never will be with that bitch ass attitude. I don’t drop $40 at the taco bus for shits and giggles. I do it for all the starving kids in the 3rd world who would kill me over the food on my plate. Now that is hard. Hell, I won’t even front like I am the best at being hungry. I’m just not being challenged by all of your wack ass nut swinging, circle jerks you fools call “gatherings”. I know that if show up, there will not be enough food to challenge me. Sometimes I don’t even feel like eating at all! But then I realize that I shouldn’t have to settle for mediocrity.

Now please excuse me while I go eat some muscle milk. Yeah you fucking heard me right, no water or anything just dipping my hand into the tub and beasting all over that shit.

Pablo you are godlike.

Damn, I want a taco now. Nice and spicy, plz.