You-Tube Series?

Let’s say I was going to be uploading a Street Fighter X Tekken You-Tube series. What would you guys like to see in it?

I know that there already aren’t many SFXT videos out there so I know you’d like to see any content of that variety.

Just post some suggestions etc and when I’ve started it I’ll get it on this thread. Thanks, much appreciated.

Hot girls’ experiences learning and playing SFxT

You don’t want this. Trust me. It doesn’t balance out.

Oh… well I’m fucked.

They don’t have to be ditzy girls!

In all seriousness, with a new game like this you have to look at who you want to really watch this. I think a lot of people enjoy the Rosstecks adventures for the personality and reactions they have and things they go over in several aspects of their gameplay sessions.

Maximillian does breakdowns which is cool.

If you want views you do! Tons of girls stream other games and people watch it for noooooo reason other than aesthetics and white knighting. Some of them do watch it for gameplay. I’m not saying something for this game can be done in the same manner, but I would watch it if chicks tried to learn and play the game serious enough.

If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, there’s a few ladies doing stuff like that already. Julia Childress in Starcraft 2, IRLJasmine and Pokket for MMORPG’s. They’re kind of usually streaming gameplay and interacting with their fans in the streamchat but I think something can be done in an informative learn as we go along video series type of thing. It’s not a bad idea for a new game like this.

We sort of have something cool like that going but it’s more tutorial depth; UltraChenTV.

I just think it’d be cool to see a marriage between UltraChenTV and Rosstecks somewhere in the middle in the form of Online Warrior (Max) series.

you playing with the cats, that is if you have a PS3 I mean.

I would love to see a video series on Footsies and realistic ways to get in with characters rather then jumping hk. as Im new myself to competitive fighting games this is one of the hardest things. Perhaps running difference scenarios in a match and what your options maybe be after your hit from a certain block string or knocked down.

also maybe some more advanced techniques like special move dash cancelling and how it can be used to apply additional pressure or make unsave normals safe on block.

these are just some things i have noticed lacking in videos :slight_smile:

I could probably go for the more technical side of the game. Considering there are different players I should maybe work from basic to advanced and just play it by ear.