"You wanna get choked?!" Movelist/Combo Thread (Updated: AE changes)



s. Lk is +3 on hit i think…

Also, HK Kara starts up in 9 frames but I thought it grabs on frames 10-11.

so I thought that if you cancel st.LK Kara on the first frame, it should grab on frame 11 of the karakusa right?

There is still the 2 “ungrabable” frames business that i still dont’ understand.

Man this is complicated… Can anyone simplify this???

Also FYI if you just hold kick and try to do a hayate it will feint. You can just tap the punch.

EDIT - So for instance I do FFS>MP Hayate like this:

:hp:+:lk: (hold :lk:), :d::df::f::lp:(release all),:mp:+:lk: (plink, hold :lk:), :d::df::f:release :mp:


That was me!


But does anyone have footage of it? Because when I tried, I accidentally released it too soon, got lvl.1, and it still knocked them down. I think I’ll need help with the timing.


am i the only one having a hard time buffering clk to ex hayate it seems to come out sometimes even if clk dont hit lol


Crap, you’re right, looked at the frame data wrong.

Why did I even type out all the shit good lord.


so me and Vryu played a couple of sets recently and i think he accidental s.lk kara me on block and it grabbed me.
He told me he totally forgot about it and he saw shiro doing it on mago. So we where messing around on endless and he taught me how to do it i can post the video of us doing it later. But when s.lk hits u gotta cancel it late and u gotta use hk karakusa the timing is abit occuard but its not that hard to do if u practice on it.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BM-KCRQRmkk u could se shiro doing it at 1:31

that my friends is fcking BROKEN.


Yeah, the guys were talking about the a few posts back. It’s pretty ridiculous how good it is. Do it right and it only leaves 2 frames for them to stick a reversal in. I like going for it after a HP.hayate.


thats just crazy…


Extremely easy for me. I’m glad, I was a little worried it would be like Gief’s s.LK buffer where you’ll get EX GH all day regardless of hit or whiff … or at least for me.


OK I’m having a lot of trouble doing the lk kara-kara. I got 2 questions

  1. Is the lk actually supposed to come out?
    2.If the lk is supposed to come out, there’s always too much block stun for me to actually grab them, how do i fix this?


The lk is supposed to come out and hit and you just delay the Karakusa until like right after you see hitsparks.

Unless you’re aiming for it to not hit and doing it early for max range. In that case, don’t let it hit.


You have to do LK -> hk karakusa. On block, timing is a bit different than on hit.

Lol peqqi, that was just crazy xD we both sent a message at the same timeon xbl “what the fuck was that???” xD

Thats too cheap!


Ok I got it the timing down now, thanks. It becames easier if you end the karakusa motion in up or up-back just in case anybody else is having any problems. LOL, this is sooo fuckin cheap


I’ve been playing Makoto for months and I still can’t kara-karakusa.
Makes me sad


try slowing down your timing just a tad


@Peqqi and V-ryu: Why are you guys late to the on block s.LK kara-kara party. We’ve been doing it for days now. Keep up with the forum :stuck_out_tongue:


hmm maybe it’s worth posting on the Kara moves thread ? I can record it if you want me to :stuck_out_tongue: Me and peqqi tried it out too and I could easily do it so it wont be much trouble :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: @Blaughable lol kara-kara party :smiley:


That actually makes it easier for you to kara , go to training mode and do LK > HK karakusa but try to delay the cancel a bit … and you’ll learn it ;p


hmm, its not a kara, since you dont cancel the LK before active frames :stuck_out_tongue:

but if it was already written somewhere here some days ago, my apologies. Too many information on this forum. lMissed it. lol


ggs from yesterday i got amazade how fast u learned that move u caught it on me just a few minutes after u discovered it lol
Vryu if u play ruskof on rank the gief player can u plz save that replay and show me? i got a real problem against him hes the 1 taking all my bp and pp :stuck_out_tongue: