"You wanna get choked?!" Movelist/Combo Thread (Updated: AE changes)



:smiley: does that mean we can name it whatever we want?


lots of new info here…looking forward to getting AE and testing this stuff out.


does regular karakusa have any new properties? does anybody know?


I personally haven’t noticed anything new with regular Karakusa for makoto or EX-Karakusa, if anyone else has let me know. I thought it was mentioned that it was buffed somewhere?


EX Karakusa has more range


The old EX Karakusa range was .84, now the range is .98. The s.LK Kara-Kara is a massive buff to normal Karakusa where you can make it virtually throw and light attack immune while attacking a blocking opponent, something we’ve been missing during strings.


I’ve done ex karakusa nearly point blank against Oni in training and my hands still whiff (Im performing the grab where her hands go through oni’s arm just barely touching them), is 84 to 98 significant enough range to where i can command grab from this distance or would stlk kara be the preferred one.


This is pretty much what you’re looking at with the new EX Karakusa:


This image is what .99 looks like. Take .01 off and that’s EX Karakusa.


No wonder it still whiffs, still not to her hands. Thanks for the help.


If think you can get a counter hit with s.hk(wake up or corner only), then you have the spacing to now link it into c.lk xx whatever.

Counter hit s.hk -> c.lk xx ex hayate -> lp fukiage -> ex tsurugi is around 400 damage.

Seems like the only way to get this is to play a scrub, or train your opponent to tech throw on wake up.


just found out that you can do Oroshi and then cross over their body, take a step back and st.LK Kara kara. DISGUSTING. looks like gief LP SPD lol.

Snatch em up


by step back you mean walk back for a moment, or actually dash backwards?


no just walk back for a sec. lol no dash back that would be crazy


that’d be kinda insane yeah, but I just wanted to make sure <_<;


You can also do ex.hayate -> dash -> st.lk karakusa.

You have to delay the st.lk for a little bit though or you whiff the karakusa because they haven’t recovered from quick rise yet.

This only works if you aren’t on the absolute ends of a stage though. Due to the camera, or something, when you ex.hayate someone away from the corner while you are in the corner, your first dash doesn’t bring you anywhere near them.


Damn it, I rarely get s.LK “Blockakusa” off of a blocked s.MP hit-confirm. Too many people throw/crouch tech/jump which make me hit them and whiff the Karakusa. The only way I’ve been able to consistently land it is off of a blocked j.HP, s.LK xx HK Karakusa, and if I drop my combo on purpose to force a block (but unsafe vs. reversals). I will say it makes her corner game that much more dangerous.

I’ve been trying my best to put in into block strings and such, but my success rate is probably 30%. I should probably stick to s.MP, s.MP or s.MP, IA MK Tsurugi as the norm.

Also, who else has been abusing c.LK xx EX Hayate when cornered? If I see any break in the storm, I start throwing it out as a buffer poke. It’s almost cheap if the opponent doesn’t have a reversal punish.


Dat c.lk


cLK is my poke & BNB of choice now
cLP, sLP, cLK, LP/EX Hayate works on almost everybody, plus it forces them to either take damage, backdash (catch with EX Hayate) or sit & block, which is what you want cause then you can start throwing in Karakusa setups & MP Oroshi which combos int sMP or cLK

i don’t care if they’re in the corner or not since EX Hayate now does just as much damage as EX Oroshi, pushing them to the corner or getting them to block is far more valuable


Zuranthus and I came up with a list for, V-ryu’s “EX Hayate > FADC > Fukiage” combo. (video link here: http://youtu.be/hNOSKWkw3Vo?t=8s ) It covers all of the characters and which versions of fukiage is used to juggle them. It also covers if they can be juggled with lp hayate in place of fukiage. There was a list for Super that was something similar but this is for mid-screen combo ability and the other one was corner only with a few other things. I may update this later with stun/damage output even though it seems small in some cases. If i posted this in the wrong place i apologize. NOTE: This combo can be very tight and if you don’t get it on the first try, i suggest trying it again. If anyone links a fukiage that i have not let me know and i’ll update the list.


Version 1.01: Made changes to Zangief, Balrog, and Vega MP fukiage** do** work.
Version 1.03b: Added Kara Fukiage to the chart for the characters that lp fukiage doesnt connect on. Dashes are for those fukiage works on regularly. Updated again MP Fukiage doesn’t work on Dhalsim.

Makoto Video Thread/Match Critiques

make note that the Hayate & EX Fukiage juggles were done for completeness sake only, the damage you get from them is not worth the meter spent, thus why i only recommend doing this combo on characters which you can hit the LP or MP Fukiage into EX Tsurugi

well now that that’s resolved, on another note, MP Fukiage should be possible anywhere that EX is, but i just couldn’t get it to hit on some characters
if anyone wants to help out with those kara Fuki’s, i’d have a hard time performing those