"You wanna get choked?!" Movelist/Combo Thread (Updated: AE changes)



LP fuki works on more than that. But you have to kara it.

In my video, I did it against dhalsim (with kara)


Just checked in training, I play on xbox and my Ex fukiage does 140. No bug.


scratch that bug its no bug its just my poor vision and lack of sleep that night. Thanks Cpt. Bob.


i’ll revise the list with kara lp fukiage info and data, when i get a chance to go through training mode again, thanks.


LOVE your avatar. Picture. whatever. that shit is awesome lol.

(sorry i’m looking for fightstick art now lol)


i’m really wondering if putting HP-hayate FADC combo worth the damage/stun.
you can do:

HP -> HP hayate FADC stLP -> stMP*2~3 -> MP hayate

or is it better to conserve meter and just use 1 EX to knockdown mixup (EX oroshi) or putting them in the corner (EX hayate)…


for me the benefits of cornering people outweigh everything else right now, not only can you do the most damaging combos in the corner with less bar, but people get desperate in the corner, make more mistakes & are willing to take greater risks
the only reason i’d FADC right now is to hit the Fuki combo or fLK reset if i need to land U1 in a clutch gamble


For what my opinion is worth, I’d say it’s worth it if your execution is consistent.

IA MK Tsurugi, s.HP xx EX Oroshi: 276 damage, 500 stun, meter loss: 150 spent or 3/5 of one bar, assuming you didn’t reach overflow of your meter before the EX Oroshi.

IA MK Tsurugi, s.HP xx HP Hayate FADC, s.LP, s.MP, s.MP xx MP Hayate: 395 damage, 619 stun, meter loss: 294 spent, or one bar and approximately 1/5 of another one, assuming you didn’t reach overflow up your meter before the FADC. With another s.MP, it’s even better.

Ultimately you’re only spending about 3/5 a bar more for the second combo in exchange for 119 damage and 119 stun. The negatives are of course much worse Oki and this is a bunch of 1-framers.


I’ve been trying to accomplish her new corner combo of EX hayate > lp fuki > EX tsurugi, but the tsurugi seems to always miss or only hit once. What am I doing wrong?


[quote=“Aphera, post:989, topic:95045”]

I’ve been trying to accomplish her new corner combo of EX hayate > lp fuki > EX tsurugi, but the tsurugi seems to always miss or only hit once. What am I doing wrong?

Maybe you’re performing EX tsurugi too early, One of the changes to EX Tsurugi is that you can perform it close to the ground and against a character like M.Bison or Dhalsim who are extra floaty it can completely miss if performed early.


Check your positioning during your jump. If you are near the top of the screen and are only getting one hit you may be doing the EX tsurugi too late. I was having this problem myself.

In fact, I found it difficult to do the EX tsurugi too soon in order to cause it to miss. In other words, no matter how quickly I pulled off the EX tsurugi it would always hit twice. It was only when I was delaying it that it would miss a hit. Now my execution isn’t all that great yet so it could be possible to do it too soon and the EX tsurugi miss.

Edit: Haven’t tried it on Dictator or Dhalsim in training mode. Mainly the twins and shotos.


Ex hayate in corner, reset, counter hit hk, link into c.lk xx ex hayate, lp fukiage, ex tsurugi hahaha.

Everytime I land this it feels like I won the lottery.


I like it!

If they’ve shown that they do a quick-stand after an EX Hayate I’ll do EX hayate in the corner (no f.lk reset) f.lp (whiff) meaty lp oroshi into st.mp ex hayate corner combo.

Trying to find more set-ups centred around Makoto’s tech-riseable specials.


Can someone explain Makoto’s FFS (Fierce Feint Strong) to me?

Like, what do I use it for and is it actually a combo?
Also, how do I do it? Is there a trick or do I really just do Fierce xx Hayate Cancel, Strong?


FFS is a 1-frame combo that adds a little more damage, stun, and meter than just a s.HP. Mainly you’ll use it after a focus attack or Karakusa, or if you use s.HP xx HC to hit-confirm, since it’s +1 on block.

There are plinking tricks to it, but the main thing to know is you can use throw as your Hayate Cancel. It has very tricky timing on it compared to most 1-frame links.


Yes, it’s as simple at Karakusa>Fierce>HC>Strong. It does combo and you can do a ex hayate or mp hayate after the strong or ex oroshi to get the knockdown. I use it for setup purposes if you want the knockdown use ex oroshi if you want to put your opponent in the corner ex hayate.


FFS does combo (1f link), it’s pretty hard to do but like all 1f links once you can get the feel for it you can pull it off consistently. I usually use it as a punisher but you can use it for mix-ups too, for example feirce feint strong feint EX karakusa started from point blank range will work on most (if not all) all the cast now that EX karakusa got a range buff

[edit] already answered, twice, cant type fast on iphone


No worries. I appreciate all the information. Thanks guys :stuck_out_tongue:

Time to grind it out in training mode.

edit: After about an hour, FFS seems easier without the plink. Anyone else experience this?
I’m actually still rather new to plinking and only just recently became able to do them without any trouble (Sakura main, tatsu loops are 1 frames everywhere, so I was foreced to learn them).


lol@range of LK-karakusa (round1)
On round2, I should have grab even on hit, but it was counter hit, so no grab :’(


Thanks, I was just looking for that input. I’ve been having success with s. lk, f, db. mk (as shown by input display). This input isn’t working for HK karakusa. It looks like you did it far slower than what I’m trying. I can clearly see her leg touch the ground again before karakusa comes out.