"You wanna get choked?!" Movelist/Combo Thread (Updated: AE changes)



After the first exhayate have you tried fuki to j.hp reset then meaty s.hk? Dunno if it would mess up the s.hk but might add some damage? Also, lol at adding damage to that ^

Last night I landed FA2 fuki j.hp reset karakusa s.hp xx hphayate xx super xx U1 and I started laughing like an evil genius. I didn’t recreate in training mode to see the damage but it was monster. I high fived myself. Nothing all that special, but moments like that are Mak Crack; fiending for more.


Dang I will have to try this. Actually Vryu just did the same thing in his most recent post in this thread a few post ago, except after lp.fukiage he jumped and whiffed hp then went for lp oroshi. Maybe that gives the illusion of not being predictable in your intent more than f.lp…

I never go for j.hp resets and forgot they existed. Will have to add this to my arsenal right now. Wonder how much frame advantage it gives you by the time you both land.


You wont be able to hit that jumping fierce after the EX Hayate > lp Fukiage as the juggle limitations on jumping fierce wont permit it.

But that definitely is a nice reset into super>ultra. I did some testing in training mode and after a lvl 3 focus dash forward you can empty jump over all the cast (except for Yun, Yang and Dan) and fukiage them from behind. I tried it out in a match against my Juri friend and after a stun hit lvl 3 focus dash forward empty jump over then lp fukiage into a jump forward fierce reset then dash under into a meaty mp > ultra 1. I didnt hit confirm it, I just did it for the sake of doing it but it worked and it felt awesome.


Ah right. Only meter hits after the exhayate to fuki. That empty jump to fuki after crumple sounds stylish, nice to reverse corner positions too.

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i see makoto loose her invicibility on OROSHI EX , example for LIGht spam on wake up , i tried to do an OROSHI EX but no i take that fking light punch. anyone try this on AE ARCADE? because i supose it a bad convertion to consoles AE


Welcome to playing Makoto.


Man learn how to use a board, stop spamming the same thing everywhere, all the more since what you say is false. Oroshi never was full invincible. Only some frames and upperbody. Not changed since Super.


Damn I have been organizing several different setups for st.LK karakara on hit block and whiff. This thing is awesome lmao. You can do different setups to create CHs and freeze your opponent. So here’s what i’m thinking.

block strings:

J.:hp:, st.:lp:, st.:mp:, f:lp: (whiff, or possible CH), st.:lk: Kara Kara.

Ok here you actually have 2 traps.

  • If they mash anything after your st:mp: they will get CH from the f:lp:. not sure if throw beats this.If they stand stll it will whiff, which is fine because:
  • st.LK will whiff too, and will CH most late mashing. You want them to stand there though, so you can get Kara kara off. Must be done fairly quickly.

Slight change in this block string creates a whole new setup:

J.:hp:, st.:lp:, st.:mp: Hayate cancel, f:lp: (blocked but not a true string.), st.:lk: (blocked) Kara Kara.

As you can see here, the Hayate cancel maintains her position, so that neither the f.:lp: or the st.:lk: whiff. this will result in a MAX RANGE blocked HK Kara Kara. Timing is really weird, and this may be character specific (I couldn’t get the karakusa to work on a crouching honda, but I havent’ tested everyone. It worked on most everyone i did test though).

Its weird going through things like this. there are so many different setups and positions it hits from. simple strings like c.:lp:, st.:lp:, st.:mp:, st.:lk: (blocked) >Kara kara have become extremely dangerous, and are easier than the more elaborate setups. They are reliable nonetheless. I know we should just switch up so they don’t get used to seeing one thing… Love this thing though.


It’s worth noting, if you jump in too deep and the s.HP hits high up, the l.lp or s.lk could end up being blocked and therefore will throw your timing and grab. If your jump in is deep, delay your HP as long as your can.


sMP is +2 on block & fLP is 3 frame startup
3-2=1 (impossible for a throw to beat)
though the whiffing part does sound worrying, even though throw doesn’t beat it outright they might be able to catch you in the recovery frames

i think testing out what’s possible after a CH fLP sounds interesting


I thought one of her new buffs was slightly more invincibility on that move?


You bring up two very interesting and very valid points.

-Concerning the throw losing… that is awesome. I actually suspected it but I wanted to test to verify first… thanks for noting that. I’m assuming that f:lp: would beat throw after :hp: Hayate as well, as it is also +2. I’m not sure though.

-The whiffing thing is necessary, because it puts you at the perfect spot for max range st:lk: Karakara (on most characters). The thing is, its a mix up, you know. You actually don’t even need the f:lp: in either of those situations. You could go straight from st.:mp: to st.:lk: if you don’t think they will mash throw, and go from there. It should beat anything thats not a 3f normal, so this is a little less frame tight. You also don’t get the opportunity for the CH :lp: but it does work on the entire cast AFAIK.

Also, I’m currently experimenting with what f.:lp: can do. Do you (or anyone) know the frame advantage for it on CH? Its +3 on hit, so I’m assuming that it would be at lease +4. Wonder if you could link st. MP from it? (it would have to be +5 for that). I mean…there has to be some way we can use it in more offensive situations. More experimenting is necesssary…

According to the frame data, there is no change…


Does anyone have any tips for kara canceling and tiger kneeing the tsurugi


i’m pretty sure there is no tiger knee for makoto…and practice for the cancels


from what i read she can TK the ex Tsurugi now. but only the ex.


you are outside of throw range after a HP Hayate, so assuming fLP hits from that distance there’s very little chance of the other guy throwing you, actually there would be no chance, since it is +2…but again, if it whiffs that could be a problem
i also found out that Makoto has a pretty good kara throw, second best in the game as far as i know, she covers 3 cubes worth of distance with fLK kara, Ken’s fMK kara is 4 cubes (best in the game) Akuma gains 2 cubes

i don’t know the exact frame advantage that CH’s add, but Akuma can land a cHK after a CH cMP, that should give you a starting point
did some checking & yup, looks like you only gain +1
so a CH fLP would be +4, if a cLK could land from that distance it would be super!! but of course like everything else Makoto it’s 1 frame


You can get cr.lk xx EX Hayate off CH anything pretty much. Love it.

As far as f.lp goes, I’ve just been using it when I’m unsure of my frame advantage/disadvantage, when I botch an input, or just want a really reliable way to maintain pressure. Comboing off it’s pretty tough, and I’m not sure it would be totally necessary. Plus, it’s just a good way to get them to block for…what are we calling this thing? Blockakusa? Karatrap? lolshould’veheldup?


i vote for that one




proposed meaty setups


Ok finally got some time to test properly.

The back throw meaties work really well. All except the meaty karakusa. I need to recalculate to add the 2 unthrowable frames to wake up.

NONE of the c.HP meaties worked! they are waking up A LOT faster than 45 frames, so i’m not sure what do do right now… more calculations needed.

The only other one from this list that I got to work was the U1 into MP Oroshi in the second quote. Also, depending on the character, the f HK (no hold) into HP oroshi meaty worked, but not reliably enough to use it in a match though…

I’m really questioning the properties of her dash. To me, when testing, it seems she can cancel the recovery of her dash with a special move. i know this is a little far fetched, but i can’t figure out how most of the meaties that use dashes dont’ work unless i’m using a normal after the dash. Also, the wakup frames need to be recalculated on her knockdowns. its not 89 for U1 and not 45 for c.HP so… I don’t know what’s going on… Any help?