"You wanna get choked?!" Movelist/Combo Thread (Updated: AE changes)



I dont know if it’s still the case after changing the speed of her dashes, but before AE you could cancel the last 6 (or something like that)of her dash with any special attack


thought that was backdash only??


YES !! HATE ON THE TWINS !! … I hate their small hitbox … it’s soooo annoying !!


Yes it was only her back dash. It was shortened, but now you can’t cancel it. I just think something funny is up with her forward dash. Its much easier to buffer it into other stuff now, where before i couldn’t do it as consistently. DP motions are especially simple now (like dash fuki on someones jump back).


after sweep; dash x 2 s.mp is meaty enough for u1, at least on Cody and a couple others (I can’t remember right now) so 16 x 2 + (5+ 5/6/7) potentially 42-44 for c.hp? Also with more active frames there is potential for a meaty sweep so there may be a little leeway there too. I think there will need to be another extensive list of each UTKD and character specifics.


has anybody been mixing with ultra2 crossover in AE? would be cool to have that back loved it.


You can find out by setting the dummy on training mode to autoblock and when you do the hp feint mp >ex oroshi > ultra 2 setup he should block back and you should go to the corner with the continuation of the hits from U2


Yes i know but it doesnt work anymore need to go to the lab and test more


I’m having trouble getting the blockakusa to connect, like when they are hitting buttons during frametraps. I feel like if l.k hits then the karakusa whiffs and if its blocked then you have to delay the karakusa. In that regard it feels more like a tick throw to me, (tickakusa?). Does it matter which strength of Karakusa? I tend to go for hk karakusa because its what i use for f.lk kara-kara.

I guess its primarily meant to be used in block strings? what blockstrings are people using generally to set this up?


I like three ways into it.

  • j.HP, s.LK xx HK Karakusa, to block-confirm it without any gaps.
  • Dropping a combo, like Karakusa, s.HP xx Hayate Cancel, s.LK xx HK Karakusa, or doing a hit-confirm like j.HP, s.MP, (hit-confirm), delayed s.LK xx HK Karakusa. It reduces the chance of jumping or accidentally frame trapping, but of course it’s prone to mashing and is a gimmick.
  • Making a good read and doing s.LK after c.LP, s.LP or just a s.MP, a good read being you’ve frame trapped too much and they’re not pressing buttons.


Man, I am loving c.LP, s.LP, c.LK xx EX Hayate. It’s so easy, and leads into a ton of pressure/damage on hit. It’s like I’m finally free of the curse of 1 frame links all day, and will no longer drop any combos accidentally causing me to lose all momentum and damage.


Dear Makoto players,

I decided that I’m gonna play Makoto and I’m loving the ridiculous amount of info that I find in these threads.
But I didn’t see a simple questions thread so don’t mind me if I do:

  • How does meaty > U1 work? For some reason the U1 never seems to link after a normal (I tried using it with (corner) EX hayate, c.hk, s.mk U1

  • How does the fukikuza OS work? I tried using grab, dash, commandmotion + HP+HK but the fuki won’t come out.

  • What is the input for LK karagrab? Since LK is part of the grab inputs do I plink grab toward LK?

I’ll probably be firing alot of questions in the beginning as I grind in training mode but for now this is what I can come up with.
I’m looking forward to debating/discussing/sharing with you guys on this forum! :slight_smile:


Did some matches vs ruskof today. Zakbg was here but i dont know if he recorded them


OK i got this one

First of all congradulations! You have now started playing with the most fun character in the game. She is difficult to play, yes, but we believe she is also the most rewarding by far. We play many other characters, and no one else on the game really comes close to matching her combination of speed, pressure, and power. Check out the AE Makoto thread for more answers to your questions. i’ll answer these right now though.

-In order for you to get a meaty attack, you have to attack with the very last active frames of a move. s.:mp: has 7 active frames so that means that you have to attack with frames 6 or 7. The later the better. Since Meaty s.:mp: is +5, meaty s.:mp: is closer to +10 on hit. because of this, you can link things that you wouldnt’ normaly be able to link. Now, Ultra 1 has a 1+5 frame start up. so therefore it hits on Frame 7. Therefore, anything that is +7 or more can link to U1, as long as she can reach. Since Meaty s.:mp: is around +10, you have 2~3 frames to land Ultra 1. There are many ways to set up these meaty attacks. For more info visit the AE Makoto Forum.

-Fukikusa is a post Hayate Option Select. You must land Hayte for it to work 100% of the time. After landing a hayate, you want to dash, and do :hcb::hp:+:mk:. At this point, your opponent must make a decision. You can punish 3 of these decisions. After getting hit with hayate:
-if they neutral jump, you will hit them with fukiage. continue your combo, or go for a reset.
-If they stand there or dash back, you will grab them with Karakusa.
-If they jump back, you will hit them with Fukiage. Continue your combo, or go for a reset.
note- this will lose to normal throws, ultras, and invulnerable moves. You can be jabbed out of it. But we use it to punish their escape attempts. They aren’t thinking about attacking. They are thinking about getting away…

-There are actually 3 kara grabs:
-The first is the kara normal grab. While standing, plink :lk: and :lp: and you will inch forward a bit. Great after a :hp: Hayate.
-The second is the old Kara Karkusa. There are two ways to do this. The normal way is to hold :f:, then hit :lk:, then do :hcb::hk:. this must be done VERY quickly. The shortcut is done by doing :dp::lk:,:b::hk:. This motion is much easier, but is harder to actually learn. Also this motion can be buffered while doing other things due to the :dp: motion
-The third is the NEW AND IMPROVED Kara Karakusa. S.:lk: can be cancelled during just about any of its frames now. Its much easier than the SUPER version, and can create some serious frame traps. The first is on whiff. quickly just hit s.:lk: then :hcb::hk:. This will greatly extend the range of Kara Karakusa. Second is on block. get your opponent to block s.:lk:, then wait for her to start dropping her foot, and before it hist the ground do :hcb::hk:. They only have two frames to react, and their motion must already be buffered in order to escape.

You can learrn more about these and much, much more by visiting the AE Makoto guide. Let us know if you have any more questions!


I also have an HDPVR. I was going to upload some videos tonight. If you want, I can record them for you! Just let me know. I’ll send you a message on XBL, and if you’re up for it, let me know.

-Mossad Man


Im ready for Vryu-sensei to start showing us that makoto technology in action.


A few corrections (Sorry I can’t help myself :D):

You don’t have to attack on active frames 6 or 7. That’s just as meaty as it gets. attacking on the second active frame would allow you to combo into Ultra 1 just fine. It would just be a 1 frame link.

Ultra 1 hits on frame 6. The same reason why s.MP hits on frame 5 while having 5 frames of startup +5 on hit and can combo into itself. This was pointed out by yillin.

The shortcut motion for f.LK karakusa is :f: :d: :df: :f: :lk: + :b: :hk: You forgot the last :f: or else you would get a crouching :lk:

Otherwise, good shit.

Oh and when using the AEMAKOTO account try to always sign your name afterwards. (If this is one of the regular AEMAKOTO users who usually do it and just forgot, sorry in advance)


Can anyone describe for me how to use the anti twins dive kick OS that vryu showed us in his video posted on the front page?

I remember him saying it was: LK+LP+MK+1

I assume he means 1 on a numpad, but thats still only one motion, how do you get a fukiage out of that? and the timing!? I understand OS a bit** but I really need to learn them better, and this is coming from someone who’s watched the vesper arcade videos alot. I understand how links come out before ultras… basically I only know the post hayate OS and the meaty s.mp into sweep OS that beats backdash… but thats it.

Ive always wanted OS’s for my main Gen T_T


Thanks man! I appreciate it. Its hard to practise meaty > U1 because you can’t put your dummy on auto block, and superbar is annoying.

I tried the fukikusa OS but the problem is, fuki won’t come out. When they jump I just karakusa, what am I doing wrong?
Also, the AE Makoto thread is awesome.


Just put the dummy on no block and do something like this: sweep, f.dash, s.LP whiff, meaty s.MP, U1. If combo counter reads 6hits, then it linked.

As far as practicing the fukikusa OS, it won’t work if you record makoto; the inputs get messed up because of autocorrect. Just use makoto yourself and practice the OS on a dummy set to human. Use your toe to cause the dummy to jump back after hayate (as recommended by vryu sensei)